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The group that sought out to stop people buying Left 4 Dead 2 have ceased their boycott. They made a statement yesterday on the Valve community website stating that the requests of the group had been met. That Valve gave them attention and have confirmed updates for the Left 4 Dead 1.

The announcement also states that there will be many future updates for the original title, such as 4v4 matchmaking. This has been confirmed for release prior to L4D2.

Effective Wednesday October 21st 2009 at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, this group will be closed.

Part of me wonders if the group has given up on their boycott on terms lesser than their original values. They are claiming that Valve have agreed there will be lots of DLC coming to the original title. However, they stated they would fix the matchmaking system a long time ago. Valve has also made it possible for people to transfer user created maps to L4D2, in an effort to encourage more people to transfer to the newer title.

Looking through some of the comments attached to this community group, I can see there are many who still feel not enough pressure has been put on Valve. All the company has to do is put the members of the boycott into a false sense of security. Once the game is released they may still decide to stop DLC for the original L4D. After all, how can the group boycott the game after it’s release?

  1. I can’t remember who said in the podcast that consumers were weak, but they were right.

  2. It’s good to know that Valve finally got around to paying these people off …. I mean it’s good that these people finally came to their senses.

  3. avatar Dan saumm

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  4. avatar jack inda

    If the group really wanted to stop people from buying L4D 2 why not raid the stores

  5. avatar jack inda

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