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It’s no surprise that after a lukewarm PSPgo reception, genius Hideo Kojima had to say something positive about Sony’s handheld device to control the damage. This time,  Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is taking the spotlight. While we do know that Kojima has made a substantial effort in involving himself with Peace Walker, apparently there’s this one unknown feature that’ll blow our minds to smithereens.

Jump inside to get the scoop on the latest and greatest from the world of nano-pumped vampires and white-haired, female-looking half ninja robots.

According to videogame blog site Kotaku, Kojima revealed to Japanese magazine Famitsu that he’s got this mega trump card up his sleeve.  The following is an extract from the article:

“I’m putting everything I want to do on a portable console into this game,” Kojima told Famitsu. “I haven’t announced this yet, but there’s another feature in here that will surprise people, to the point where they’ll want to go out and buy a PSP right now!”

What exactly? We’re not sure, but judging by Kojima-san’s track record, some of us may need to dust off that PSP. In the meantime, fence-sitters may want to read up on our PSPgo review to see what the fuss is all about.

  1. I wonder what else he would say?

  2. I’ve been playing through the demo from TGS and I’ve gotta say, it is shaping up beautifully.

  3. I am super excited about this game. I essentially bought my PSPgo to play Metal Gear Solid: Protable Ops, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, God of War: Chains of Olympus, and Patapon.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    Dust off my psp? someone hasn’t modded theirs….yet

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