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While the loveable duo’s last adventure released over 4 years ago on the PS2, Jak and Daxter are finally coming back on November 3rd! Titled Jak and Daxter: The Last Frontier, the game will continue the story from Jak and Daxter 3.

Additionally, this game will only be released on the PSP, the PSN (for the PSP-Go) and on the PS2.

While little is known about the game, reviewers of the beta version have so far responded negatively, stating it has awkward camera controls and doesn’t explain the backstory of Jak and Daxter well enough for newcomers. However, it must be noted that this was based on a beta version and so may not reflect the final product.

It’s interesting (and a little sad) that Jak and Daxter’s new adventure will not be making the leap to the Playstation 3. As one of the most entertaining and innovative series on the PS2, it is quite disappointing that Naughty Dog did not develop the series further as Insomniac did with Ratchet and Clank.


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