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Avatar ImageinFAMOUS Movie in 2010?
By: | October 13th, 2009
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Omiee says: “A IMDb page has been found under the title “Infamous” and is set to be released in 2010.

The movie is being published by “Sony Pictures”, if you enter “” into a web browser, it will redirect you to Sony Pictures’s main page which means Sony already own the domain name.

With this new info, and the previous rumors of Sony Pictures trying to get Avi and Ari Arad and screenwriter Sheldon Turner to make an Infamous film. This may lead to a greater chance of an Infamous movie currently in production by Sony Pictures, which may be due to release in 2010. – N4G

My Analysis

I decided to do a bit of research as this felt like a disturbingly short time to make a good quality movie. Here are some of the major elements they need to work on to make the film.

Casting – This can take some time, you need to advertise that you are casting for a new movie. Time has to be taken out to see all of the people casting for the film and put them in the appropriate roles. If you want to cast any children then you have to get a child actor’s permit.

Storyboarding and screenplay – There is a lot to do before you can make a good storyboard. You need to find out all the particular elements that will be in each shot such as the number of actors, setting, weather etc. You then have to turn your script into good screenplay, this requires you to set the mood for that scene and detail exactly what is happening.

Find the appropriate locations – Anyone can imagine a scene but eventually when making a film, you have to find the location that matches the scene. If this does not fit the vision appropriately the film maker may decide to use a green screen, fabricating a location post-production. This will increase the overall time it takes to make a film.

Start filming – I found conflicting dates for how long the process of filming takes. Some of the sources I found will say 8 weeks, others say 6 months. Regardless tt will take a considerable amount of time due to all the different camera angles a scene will be shot from.

Post-production special effects – time on special effects depends on the film, size of the crew and resources available. If a large portion of the film was shot for special effects then it will take a long time to make sure the effects used are appropriate for the film. My guess would be that inFAMOUS would have quite a lot of these.

Do you think a year is long enough? I think games always have great potential for the silver screen. Unfortunately many of the games that we love don’t make great movies. Part of this is down to a very quick production time, rushed for release as a story is already there for backing, a good game however does not mean good screenplay. I feel that inFAMOUS has a great backing to be an interesting movie, if produced well, given more time and a great cast.

I just hope I am not as disappointed as when I watched DOOM.

  1. An Infamous movie could be great, but a year is definitely too rushed.

  2. They should totally get Uwe Boll to direct this!

  3. As long as it doesn’t follow the “meh” story of the game, fine by me. Either way I am sure it will be just another super hero movie.

  4. Yeah, I’m with Kevin. Even if they rise above Uwe Boll standards, most videogame movies are average and nothing more.

  5. As long as they don’t get Channing Tatum to star, we’re golden.

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