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Are you Australian? Sick of missing out on all of the exciting game events in the US and Europe?

The International Digital Entertainment Festival, or iDEF, is being held this year in Melbourne, Australia between the 30th of Oct to the 1st of Nov. Split into 3 separate expositions, covering games development, technical gadgetry, and, of course, video games themselves, it promises to be Australia’s version of the CES and E3 squeezed into one 3-day event.

The best part? It’s open to the public! The better part? Gamer Limit is an official supporter of the event, and as a special gift to you all, we’ve scored five double passes to the full 3-day event including all of the expos, to give away to you lucky readers.


What’s on? Well, how about hands on with games like Assassin’s Creed 2, Borderlands and Forza 3? Speeches by local and international industry icons, checking out the latest and greatest in local indie gaming, competitions and even a live e-sports tournament? If that’s not enough to whet your whistle, you can find out the pathways to jobs in the industry, or get personal with the future and prototype consumer technology of the next few years.

Winning one of the double passes is easy. Just tell us why you deserve the pass, the best 5 responses will be mailed their tickets within the next few weeks.

Contest ends on the 21st of October, 2009. Remember to register your account, we’ll need your email address to contact you!

Can’t attend? Spread the word! :)

Terms and Conditions:
1) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email to contact you).
2) You must be an Australian resident to enter.
3) Staff may not participate.
4) One entry per IP please: we can check this!
5) Tickets are transferable.

  1. avatar Seph

    I smell another road trip. Oh nevermind, I can’t go that weekend anyway. :(

  2. avatar Melbournaize

    damn…id love to go too, but I cant get off work.

  3. avatar Philip Witowski

    Hmm do contributers also count as staff? If they do… :( .

    Otherwise, sign me up! :P

  4. I deserve a pass because I’m subscribed to the RSS feed ;-)
    But also because tech & gaming really interests me. It would be great to see the sessions on how to get into the industry.

  5. If I lived in Australia, or had any means of getting to Australia, I’d be all over this. But, alas…

  6. kool can i get in the competition plz:)

  7. @wogalishes

    Sure can! Just let us know why you deserve to go! :D

  8. 3 tickets have been given away! 2 to go!

  9. 1 left, reserved for a lucky GL reader!

  10. avatar Justin

    Hey James. Still got it? I deserve to go because I’m friends with James O’Connor. :)

  11. Haha, it’s yours Justin :D

  12. avatar Anonymous

    oh sorry i already got ticket but i want to go because i want to start my career in the gaming industry(programmer) and this is a great way to see what i need to do in order to achieve that.
    and also i love game:) especially AC2 and MW2

    thanks for the tickets

  13. avatar wogalishes

    oops thats me ^

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