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Well folks, it seems like while HIPB (which sounds like a new life threatening disease) was all set to get a digital distrbution release, publisher NIS wants to scrounge up some support for a UMD version. But make sure you act now! Because on the official Nippon Ichi Software storefront, the RosenQueen Company, it says you have until “high noon” mid-December.

I’m a pretty big fan of NIS, so I think it’s really sad that they’re making a big fuss over a measly 1,000 units. So, if you want to support your friendly neighborhood (?) Eastern developer, feel free to drop twenty bucks, and fight digital distribution one UMD at a time. Holy Invasion of Privacy, described in my own words, is like a mix of Dig Dug and SimAnt (yea, that was perfect).

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