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Today Sony announced that a demo for the highly anticipated mythological melee God of War 3 will be included on the Blu-ray disc of District 9, which hits stores December 29. Also included on the disc is an unlockable “exclusive making of featurette.”

If two months is too long of a wait, you can always buy the God of War Collection, which hits November 17, and also packs a God of War 3 demo.

Do you think that this type of cross media promotion is an effective way to get people to buy a game, or movie for that matter?  Read on to find out my opinion.

Personally, I think it’s pretty clever. I assume that there is a section of the tech-savvy public that only use their PS3 as a Blu-ray player. I would imagine that by including a game demo on a special-effects heavy film, like District 9, that Sony might tap into a new market. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

As of now, God of War 3 is slated to arrive on the PS3 in March 2010.


  1. That is a very interesting team-up. Hopefully it will help District 9 sales, because that movie was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

  2. I don’t know who’s promoting who here. Is the demo promoting the sale of the film or is the blue-ray promoting the future release of the game? Is that food for thought or what?

  3. This is sure to be as effective as a pizza place printing their business cards on packs of rolling paper

  4. There have been some curious team-ups by Sony lately. Someone I know recently bought a PS3 that had a few games as well as the Sarah Connor Chronicles Blu-ray bundled with it..

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