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Just recently, Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden, an activist group stationed in Germany, announced that it was holding a modern day [book] game burning, and invited everyone out to willingly turn in their “killer” violent video games all in the name of justice.

Well, it happened yesterday, and someone went to catch it all on camera: can you say “fail”? I honestly can’t tell what they have in that vat other than San Andreas, but if I had to guess, it would be a Gameboy game, a few PS2 titles, and a pack of Pokemon The Trading Card game cards.

  1. @uberVU –
    I’m adding another embedded video that shows a crew clearly in the vat. If there were a ton of games in there, he would be stepping on them.

    But yea, donny’s joke was pretty hilarious!

  2. wow that couldn’t have gone worse…

  3. avatar David Macphail

    This is the most ridiculous thing a German person has ever done and they’ve had some MAJORLY bad ideas over the last 200 years………..

  4. avatar seotonsgeek

    Comment va le seotons ?
    Le seotons c’est beau


  5. avatar AlmolosJaunen

    Hi, a little OT but can anyone able to inform me if they are seeing a 403 error when they arrive at this websites default page?

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