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By: | October 21st, 2009 | PC
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When it comes to sports simulators, usually one development company will control a major sport.  For example, Sony controls the baseball market whereas EA dominates the NHL and NFL franchise.  On the other hand, when it comes to the NBA, the dominant title isn’t as evident.

Over the past decade, the rivalry between 2K Sports and EA for the better NBA game has gone back and forth. A few years ago, 2K Sports finally edged ahead and has been steadily gaining distance ever since.  In fact, the PC hasn’t seen a NBA Live title since 2008, so 2K Sports’ only rival is itself.

Thus it begs the question: is NBA 2K10 for the PC a much improved simulator over last year? Read on to find out.

The first thing returning PC players will notice is the significant price drop from last year’s title.  Since 2K9 for the PC lacked online play and Living Rosters, many players were reluctant to spend $40 despite it missing the bells and whistles that console players enjoyed.

This year is surprisingly different; the game only costs $20 and yet it includes all the missing content and new features.  At this point, I can only speculate reasons behind the price change, nonetheless, it’s nice knowing that players will find some relief in this area.


Aside from the price, the gameplay has undergone some significant changes as well.  Most notably is the revamped turbo scheme.  In 2K9, players could sprint up and down the court effortlessly with little regards to fatigue.  This year the developers have implemented an energy system that adds a bit more realism.

It’s a two pronged structure: you have a sprint meter that refills over time and a stamina gauge that can only be restored while sitting on the bench.  If you burn through the sprint meter, you’ll start to eat away your stamina, which can cost your team significantly if you’re not careful.  It’s a delicate balancing act that improves the quality of the game.

Similarly, Lock-On-D has undergone a face lift.  Before, the game had an arcade style feel where players would lock on to a ball carrier, and a graph would show up indicating your relative distance and angle to the offensive player.  This year 2K10 does away with all of that.  Defenders will lock on to the player, but instead of a graph appearing, defenders are allowed a wider range of motion.

The process is much more free flowing and the transition to get into the right angles and distance is much smoother.  The drawback is that it makes it easier for the ball carrier to escape the defense with a few “isomotion” (crossing, spinning, etc.) moves.

For players who know the offensive sets of their favorite teams will be happy to know that the depth of play calling has increased dramatically.  What’s unique about it is that gamers can call up specific plays that cater towards an NBA player’s position, with each position on the court having four unique plays.  The downside is that it takes quite a bit of practice and intuition to see the defense, determine the best play and execute it.  And since there are so many additional plays, finding the right one in the midst of a game can leave players vulnerable to defenders.


Despite the improvements, it seems as though the developers didn’t fix the mapping of the PC controller to coincide with the tutorial and dual-player control icons.  There is no excuse for this, and it really confuses new comers to the game.  It’s something that was evident in 2K9 and it doesn’t seem like it was addressed in 2K10.  Hopefully, a patch will be released soon that fixes this.

Along with so many new gameplay features comes the addition of two new modes: NBA Today and  My Player Mode.  NBA Today works much like what you would find on ESPN.  It provides all the final scores of the games played the day before and presents all the match-ups.  What’s unique about it is that it stays up to date with all the current stats, injuries and starting line ups in the real world.  If that’s not enough, you can play the games you want regardless of who won in real life.  It’s quite an interesting mode that provides players with a reliable source of information.

Since I started playing, I’ve been hooked into the My Player Mode.  Players design their NBA star, pick a position, choose a play style and try to move him from being a Summer League rookie to an NBA All-Star.  What’s fun about it is players are awarded skill points for positive results of a game and completion of drills. The skill points earned are allocated to specific areas in a player’s game.  For example, I made a score first point guard, so most of my points went into shooting, offensive clutch, passing and off-hand dribbling.  Naturally, I was an offensive power house who was easily burned on defense.


The gameplay is incredibly immersive,  players are given certain objectives to complete during each match and are graded on how well he is as a team player.  While it’s fun seeing the positives and negatives of your game, I do have some qualms with the grading structure.

When you’re going for that A+ grade, there are a number of factors that will unfairly count against you.  For example, sometimes the computer will turn the ball over, and when that happens, the opponent you’re guarding will get a fast break basket.  As a result, your grade will be marked down for letting your man score when it was no fault of your own.  Similarly, if you’re on offense, your team can sometimes be slow getting into position.  If you have the ball when that happens, your grade will be marked down for holding the rock too long.  It’s demerits like these that really had me frustrated at times.

Despite the drawbacks, it is quite an innovative experience that provides some fun RPG elements.  Also, you can take your player online and join a crew where you’ll be tested to rise to the top of the ladder.

Presentation this year has taken tremendous leaps and bounds.  The menus are easier to navigate, which is very important while playing Association mode.  In Association, players are looking at rosters, managing trades, taking on coaching roles, figuring out what’s going on in the league, etc.  As you can tell, there is a lot to keep track of, so being able to quickly navigate through the many different screens is extremely important.


The player proportion to the relative size of the court is more realistic, and the character models look much more like their real-life persona this year.  Eric Gordon doesn’t look a 20 year old baby fresh out of the womb any longer. On the other hand, while there are noticeable improvements in the graphics, there isn’t enough to set it apart from 2K9.

Much like last year’s game, the animations feel solid.  Watching players fight through screens, post up in the paint, perform dunks, etc. feels and looks phenomenal.  When you perform a play successfully, you know you did a great job due to the way the game operates.  There’s a sense of reward when you play it correctly.

Surprisingly for a sports title, the PC version wins out over its console brethren for once.  This is due mostly to the amount of improvements, the rich content and the $20 price tag.  Similarly, I feel as though I’ve only skimmed the surface of what this game truly has to offer; I could easily write another 1000 words explaining the depth of this title, but for brevity, you have to go pick it up for yourself to find out what it’s all about.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating Category
9.0 Presentation
In modes like Association, you'll be thankful that the developers revamped the menu screens. Previously, scrolling through so many different screens became mind boggling. Similarly, character animations carry over very well from last year.
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8.0 Gameplay
While the controls still suffer drastically, the very fabric of this game is incredibly rich. You can impose yourself into the game, you can coach, you can take on GM duties, you can dunk over Lebron James. The variations of gameplay are endless.
8.5 Sound
The game includes a very eclectic taste of music, but after a while, you'll want to turn it off and reserve it for timeouts and menu navigating, as it'll eventually wear on you. Also, the broadcast trio of Harlen, Kellog and Miller is the best I've seen in any sports game.
9.0 Longevity
The drawback is that you'll put this game down as soon as 2K11 comes out, but on the other hand, you'll be playing this game all the way through the NBA season, so that's roughly the next eight months.
8.5 Overall
There are many similiarties from 2K9 that carried over to 2K10, but the PC's inclusion of Living Rosters, Online Play, NBA Today, My Player Mode and the $20 price tag will have you playing this until 2K11 comes out.

  1. I think I would struggle to play a sports game with a mouse and keyboard.

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    Puniti Austin? Haslo ka!

  4. avatar NBA Joe

    Er Austin, it may be a surprise to you but they do make joysticks for PC’s, they have …for like …twenty years!

  5. avatar junjun

    i bought nba2k10 yesterday, how do i crack the game.
    both dvd’s, has a crack file do i have to use both

    • avatar Adde

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    how to use the arrow keys? reply asap……

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    • avatar Caliche

      I think this is awesome! Will light a fire under the owrens and make them come to some middle ground with the Player’s Association. It will get more tense when the superstars passports get punched and we are watching highlights on ESPN from Europe with our NBA All Stars

  8. avatar red

    guyz sa quick game play 5mins lng b tlga un TIME Di ba nababago ung gs2 ko kc gwin 12mins every quearter eh pix na ba tlga sya s 5MINS pag nag quick game ka ?

    • avatar Ariita

      Above and Beyond! My only regret is not knwiong you at Jacksons birth. Its been an incredible journey for my son’s first year and I cant thank you enough for all of our photo sessions, all of your mom to mom advice, our girlfriend to girlfriend chats, play dates with the babies and just the love and positive energy you give off. Thank you Stace for being YOU! <3And many thanks to my girl Dany had it not been for her we wouldnt be viewing or reading any of this

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    i need help! i got nba2k10. i put it in my dvd rom thing in my laptop (PC) and nothing, and i mean NOTHING happened. my computer did not recognize it. i went to the start menu, selected ‘run’ and typed in what they told me to, but it said that that was incorrect. what is happening? someone help ASAP please.

    • avatar LOL

      You do not have a DVDROM drive in your laptop. Its just CDROM I bet. Or you got a Dell and Dell’s drivers blow.

  10. avatar basketballfan101

    just restart your computer and clean your disk if that does not work use another computer

  11. avatar manoman

    i dont no what to do

  12. avatar rjt011000

    I agree. I bought this game on Steam and it is awesome!

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    gago kayong lahat!mga putang ina nio!mga maasim singet nio!mga bakla! puki n g ina mo!

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    how do you do an alleyoop dunk?

  15. avatar kid

    to do an alleyoop dunk you press shift and space when you see someone running toward the hoop

  16. avatar nel

    how to use online game 2k10?

    • avatar Ronam

      I’ve noticed that it is very easy at the moemnt, and the developers will surely know that it can’t stay this way otherwise players will just stay on earlier versions of FM, like FM 2011.I made a tactic with Tottenham and was unbeaten in 29 matches, and that was with hardly tweaking a tactic at all. Now that has to change even though I was happy with not losing of course it’s just too easy.When the first patch is released after retail launch, then we can give proper reviews.

  17. avatar an

    it doesnt work for my computer even though my computer meets all the requirements… i think its because the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 thing needed for this thing isn’t compatible but i dont know how to make it compatible

  18. avatar Joseph

    How to make a turbo in nba2k10?
    and how to dunk? please reply.

    • avatar Neusa

      Yeah! that’s what I’m talking about, I want 2K12 to have rtilaseic mind-numbing blocks like what the old Big Ben Wallace do.. I want EA Sports to fix the timing in shot blocking, I mean when you press the block button you will see the player accurately and aggressively blocking the shooter.. Not just simple blocks Hope this will be added to to 2K12

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    putang ina nio

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    panu tumawag ng offensive/defensive plays?

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      Stacey, you did it again. Each time I see these photos, it bring me to tears. Remembering the joy of that litlte man completing each segment of his new journeys. Thank you for your beautiful work. Once again you captured the litlte details of my grandson. P.S. I love Dorothy, that was precious.

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      Thanks, Gerald, for sharing the tseear with your community. We definitely won’t make just some kind of fart game I hope we won’t disappoint! We are making good progress with the game and hope to release some new material and info soon.

  21. avatar Priscilla

    I awalys enjoy the Dunk contest. I am not sure the best dunker awalys wins, but it’s a lot of fun to watch. The three point contest is fun too!

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