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Ever since its inception back in 2002, Kingdom Hearts has been a staple of the action-RPG genre, combining the intense and fluid combat of an action game and the customization and narrative of an RPG to create one glorious, genre-defining IP. Many have become engrossed with KH’s overarching story as they’ve been counting down the years, months, and days for an epic continuation; and to you I say, that day is finally at hand.

Grab your keyblade, slug that potion down, and come join me down the dual screened rabbit hole in the wold of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

First, don’t let the title mislead you. As terrible as it may be, the title in no way reflects the quality of this game. With that said, 358/2 Days plays surprisingly (and gratifyingly) like its predecessors, almost “to a tee.”

The game does little with the touch screen, and focuses instead on keeping with the traditional KH gameplay that fans have come to love. While some changes have been made to keep it fresh, (via the introduction of the “Panel” system), 358/2 Days looks, sounds, and plays like the original.

However, this isn’t necessarily a completely positive situation.

Whether you’re entering the world of Kingdom Hearts for the first or fourth time, you may notice that leading teenager Sora and his two lackeys, Donal and Goofy, are missing from the limelight. Instead, you’ll take on the role of Roxas, who is a “Nobody,” an imperfect copy of a person that lacks a heart.

Roxas is part of Organization XIII (also Nobodies), the antagonists from KHII, and is the key to finishing “Kingdom Hearts,” the main goal of the organization. While we ultimately know what becomes of XIII at the end of second main installment, 358/2 Days serves to fill in the gaps left by both the first and second game, as well as clarifying the events in Chain of Memories, which occur simultaneously.


The narrative, in its simplest form, is one about friendship and its affects on someone “without a heart,” but remains true to the prolific storytelling that Square Enix and Disney are so well known for. It fits in with the rest of the series quite well, though it loses its whimsical feeling due to the darker and more serious backdrop and the loss of significant “relief” characters.

Accompanying the stellar plot is equally stellar gameplay that boasts some interesting and welcoming changes. First, you’ll notice that normal story progression has been dumped for mission based play, and that the menu can only be accessed in between missions. As you travel through each world with keyblade-a-swinging, you’ll find that how you equip your weapon has been altered quite a bit. Instead of the more traditional form of equipment, abilities and magic, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days features the all new Panel system.

Every weapon, spell, ability, item, and even “level up” comes in the form of a panel to be placed on a eight by five grid. While items, “level ups,” and spells will only take up one slot, weapons, abilities and special enhancements take up multiple spots. But these empty slots can be linked, as a weapon’s stats can be altered by power or magic units, an ability can be made stronger or given additional effects, and special panels will allow for doubling the power of magic or grant two levels for every “level up” panel you equip to it. Each spell panel is a one time use only during a mission, but can be refilled with ethers and will recharge after returning to headquarters.


The panel system offers an incredible amount of customization and strategy previously unseen in Kingdom Hearts. The panel grid has limited slots and really makes you plan according to the mission at hand, for there are hundreds of panels to equip. Making myself a magical powerhouse or a swift, highflying combo master was just a simple change of panels, but altered how I attacked each mission substantially. You may find, at first, that the panel system isn’t the best idea. But stick with it, and wait until you’re about fifteen missions deep and you’ll see the greatness firsthand.

Where change and innovation is apparent in gameplay, it seems to have only reached so far. As good as the soundtrack is and fun the worlds are, they are almost exact replicas of their predecessors, besides the expanded Neverland. While its fun and reminiscent to explore old ares with Roxas and his Organization XIII partners, its slightly difficult to look past the recycled music and levels. If it weren’t for the panel system, I could have sworn I was playing a rehashed version of the original, minus a manic duck and a yokel dog.

Though worlds and music have been (heavily) recycled, they have been rendered beautifully onto the Nintendo DS. No game on the handheld even comes close to the visuals that 358/2 Days has to offer. Some jagged edges and slightly bland intricacies are the graphic’s only downfall in an otherwise superb recreation of the likeness of the PlayStation 2 installments on cartridge based hardware; the visuals are truly impressive.

Like the graphics, the voicework and sound effects equally enhance the experience. Used sparingly for key plot points, voice work is very solid and features members of the original cast reprising their roles. Sound is also top notch throughout the game’s entirety, as each keyblade strike jingles out from the tiny speakers with an unexpected ferocity.

Like its predecessors, KH358/2 Days will clock in roughly at 30 hours after story mode is all said and done. There are a tremendous amount of extras to be had once the game is completed. Each of the 90 plus missions can be replayed in a Challenge Mode, which allocates more difficult objectives (finish in a set amount of time, take no damage, ect.) to be completed in a given mission. Completing these objectives will prove troublesome, however, the rewards are certainly worth it.


Each level can also be played in Mission Mode, which lets you connect with up to three friends over the DS wireless connection and take control of every member of Organization XIII, as well as some unexpected unlockable characters. While I applaud Square Enix and Disney for offering such a vas array of character for play, I don’t see why they limited multiplayer to just local. I hate friendcodes as much as the next gamer; they are the bane of my existence. But at least friendcodes offer worldwide connections. Hypothetically, when you’re 23 years old, its kinda hard to find someone to play with and not look like a pedophile.

Keeping to the roots of the series, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a fantastic interquel sporting great visuals, tight controls, and an innovative Panel system make the game a worthy continuation of the series. Though recycled levels and music and some problems with the camera (especially when flying in Neverland) prevent 358/2 Days from being really great, its a solid experience that should not be passed up.

Rating Category
8.0 Presentation
Though the graphics are unrivaled on the DS, the recycled levels are hard to look over.
How does our scoring system work?
9.0 Gameplay
Tight controls, a great new innovative ability system, and traditional Kingdom Hearts combat make for a solid experience.
8.5 Sound
The sound effects are spot on and the music is lovely, even if most of the soundtrack is from previous games.
8.5 Longevity
There are a ton of things to do after you beat story mode. Too bad multiplayer is only local.
8.5 Overall
A great continuation to the Kingdom Hearts saga, 358/2 Days offers great customization options, fluid gameplay and awesome visuals, but suffers from recycled material.

  1. What an amazing header image for an amazing game.

    I was very disappointed when I heard there were no new levels, but I quickly got over it after playing the game. It’s just about everything you could ask for as a Kingdom Hearts fan.

    I think I’m in the minority, but I hold this one in higher regard than the first one, but still under Kingdom Hearts II (which I regard as one of the best action-RPGs of all time). All in all, I was able to play as Axel, so I’m good for about 100+ hours.

  2. I’ve been trying to find a rom for this to see if it was worth buying, but you guys pretty much swayed me. The fact that I can play as Xemnas sounds really tempting. But can you play as dual keyblade wielding Roxas, or is that just for the fight with Riku ?

  3. @ Mohamound
    You can play as dual wield Roxas, but only after you beat the game and upgrade a the Zero Gear panel with three ability units.

  4. I have never gotten into the Kingdom Hearts series, but my girlfriend absolutely loves it. I’ve told her she needs to read this review, so hopefully she will, because after reading myself I think she needs to buy this game.

  5. avatar HiddenAHB

    So i’m not the only KH lover around here?
    Good review, gotta check it out now.

  6. avatar mustafa

    that as a good review. im on day 256 right now. were do you get zero gear? duel roxas is like the best part of the game!!!!! i like roxas way more then sora.

  7. @Mustafa
    Zero gear, if I’m not mistaken, is only available at the very end/once you beat the game. And I think I also have to agree; Sora was just still too childish, even KHII and Roxas is definitely more badass.

    • avatar Lety

      Mar gets no respect from me. A leeadr should be the voice of the majority but for sure the majority doesn’t cuss for all to hear. As a leeadr he should have taken the reponsibility to channel sentiments in a more diplomatic and ethical way. Too bad, his marrying Corina Sanchez won’t help his campaign either All his campaign gimmicks SUCK!!!

    • avatar Berk

      Unfortunately I myself may have given up on this title. That’s not to say it’s bad, it just hasn’t been too enuetfvl in it’s presentation, and slow in it’s progression. I maybe play this game a half hour at a time before I get bored doing Roxas daily grind. I mean it’s far above the original GBA title “Chain of Memories”, but I feel this game, just as the formentioned title leaves the gamer wanting more out of the experience, something much to the effect as experienced on the PS2.In retrospect I should’ve probably picked up Mario&Luigi:Bowsers Inside Story instead, oh well.

  8. @Chris M.

    FUCK.YES! This just gives me more incentive to but it. That and the fact that you can Carry over all your panels and stuff into another person’s Co-op game

  9. avatar Roger G.

    How do i get the 3rd ability unit i only have 2 and i beat the game.

  10. avatar sammut

    What is there to do after i beat it?

  11. @Roger G.
    I’m not exactly sure what level, but its definitely in a chest somewhere. go through some levels and see what chests you haven’t found yet. Check the holo missions too – some missions are only unlocked by doing certain things in previous missions, and that ability unit could be in one of those levels. They’ll all be unlocked after each day is completed.

    The challenge missions and mission mode are a lot of fun, especially mission mode because there are a buttload of characters, but you do need to play with someone else. Both modes will unlock further abilities, slot releasers, and weapon panels. Also, each diary entry will now have a secret entry from a member of Organization XIII. It really helps to clear up a lot of confusion if you still have some at the end of the game.

  12. avatar Jake

    @Roger C.

    I had the same problem. There is one ability unit in the moogle shop, one in mission 15, and one in mission 30.

    Playing this game made me wish that Roxas didn’t have to disappear (for lack of a better term). I hope in later games Roxas comes back somehow :O.

  13. avatar Sora

    I ja to the lv 67 but still not got it right with making the purple control with two keyblades without being so in 358 days someone could explain me better?

  14. avatar KALE

    will it be hard,for a kid that is 8, to defeat all bosses to only change accessories only at headquarters. And do magic and scroll thru it and while i am scrolling thru it the guy beats me.

  15. @Kale
    You can have up to 4 quick buttons for magic.

  16. avatar Metal Key

    I beat the game, got zero gravity, 3 ability units and yet I couldn’t unlock sora or the Roxas-Weilder! WTF?

  17. @Metal
    Sora is 100% perfect completion (not just clearing the game), and Roxas Duel Wield only works in mission mode.

  18. avatar Metal Key

    Ooooooohhhhh ok thanks! Why didn’t I see that? *duh! >_<

  19. avatar Your mom -,-

    you need 4 abli, units to use oblivion and to dual in the solo mode

  20. avatar Pwned

    Finished game. One word. AWESOME. Roxas owns Sora.

  21. avatar Pwned

    By the way, to use the two keyblade roxas in mission mode, do you need exactly 3 ability units?

  22. avatar Sora69

    I BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!
    you will be really surprized at the end.
    you un lock movie theriter afrter you beat the game.

  23. avatar Pwned

    Gee, Thanks for helping me with my question. Never mind I already figured it out.

  24. avatar dae

    kingdomhearts 358/2 days i just beated it

  25. avatar shawn

    how do u level up your kingdom key?

    • avatar Aniez

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  26. avatar KHfan12345678910

    i completed this game in about 5 days.(i got it on day it came out ^^) im 14 and i love kingdom hearts….. i love larxene cos shes mint…. also where the hell do u get 4 ability units….. also u get 2 ability from shop… i think… i think i got 2….. oh well…. good game. zero gear is the best cos well i spent about 3 hours synthezizing every weapon tring to find the right weapon gear to make original org weps…..

  27. avatar KHfan12345678910

    also luxeus is rubbish.. hes slow and cant get a hit on xion.. (mission mode solo)if ya wana no how to get mission mode solo and every level… don’t ask me… it was randomly there.. (dont say it was because i completed game cos i completed the game and no missions were on mission mode).. bye ^^

  28. avatar kgggb

    umm wat missions do you get the 3rd ability unit just wondering

  29. avatar heartless

    you have to pass missions 15 torugh 30 perfectley hope that helps…

  30. avatar heartless

    also theres a glitch i found that gives you as many as you want i you want the code just ask me…

  31. avatar Louella

    I just beat Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! I’m so happy there is a theatre mode, so I can relive my most favourite and moving cutscenes whenever I want. It was devastating when Xion died, she’s an absolute legend and deserves a LOT of recognition. By far the most moving and brilliant game on DS that I own. Thank you Square Enix!!
    Now I’ll start trying to get 100%…

  32. avatar ?????

    whats the code?

  33. avatar Anthony

    What’s the code for the ability units?

  34. avatar josh

    what is the code????

  35. avatar austin

    whats the code ??????????????????????

  36. avatar mickey mouse

    What mission is mission 15 and mission 30?

  37. avatar mickey mouse

    What mission do you do on mission 15 and 30? what day is it on?

  38. avatar a guy

    wat is the code
    can u tell me

  39. avatar a guy

    someone tell me

  40. avatar That one dude

    I bought this game hoping they didnt cut the game too short, and i wasnt disappointed by that. I beat it maybe 3 days ago. I have no idea why but i really loved the cutscene with riku and roxas, thats my favorite part of the whole game! And yes to get dual wielding Roxas you need zero gear which u get after you beat the game then you attach three ability units while you are in mission mode. While you are in story mode though you can get the Oathkeeper by attaching one and some other one by attaching two.

  41. avatar !!!

    tell the god forsaken code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. avatar !!!


  43. I do not believe there is any code my friends. Its a GLITCH, if anything.

  44. avatar joseph

    i dont know what to do after beating it, i cant go anyware else on normal mode but that town

  45. avatar FPS GLOCKWORK

    you guys shouldnt cheat if you want to prove yourselves worthy of any game just find it on your own… but i got to admit cheating is fun^^

  46. avatar Ben Jones

    im only 11 and it wasnt that hard on proud mode its hard to get the 3 ability units but it pays off. And Sora’s the hardest person to get on proud mode

  47. avatar tre lutz

    i have the english game now it is amazing i have even unlocked sora and mickey i can play as them to it is awesome

  48. avatar blabla

    where can you find the 3 abilityn units?

  49. avatar help

    i need king mickey please

  50. avatar Bill

    King mikey is very easy to unlock, you have to play through all the normal missions

  51. avatar Fuck U!

    Hey, have you noticed a certain code in Neverland that turns you in to double wield Roxas by pressing the R button before you enter or single wield Roxas if you press L. Tou need a certain weapon gear though.
    P.S. Here’s a hint, it does not take up 6 or 5 spaces.(Am I evil or what?)

  52. avatar joshua

    please help me i can´t buy zero gear in kingdom hearts
    i beat the game but im go to the shop and the moogle dont sale
    please help me

  53. avatar pissed offf

    how do you beat the fucking leachgraver it is pissing me off(lol my name is pissed offf) lol yeah anyone please gimme some advise that doesnt involve the waiting shit =D plz im stuck on that mission for 2 days. and also there is a cheat for dual bladed sora and king mickey it is awesome =D also i dont really know about the zero gear i think you get it at the end1 Look it up!!! also louella thanks for ruining the game for all of us who havent completed it yet!!!!!!!!!! =D>

    • avatar bluusparty2

      beat all the tentaclaws around it and it passes out while its passed out beat the crap out of it. use prestige gear

    • avatar Kontizas

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  54. avatar inuyashamaroku

    Ok i got the zero gear but i have only 2 abilty units i can see i can get the damn thing in beating the game, buying it from a moogle, and getting it from a chest in day 25 through 30 but wat if i you didn’t get the damn chest in that and how is it possible to get it when you have beatin the game

  55. avatar easy game

    i beat it in 29 hours on proud mode and i got zero gear and all three ability units and i have duel wield roxas it came to me naturaly all i need is to finish redeem in the moogel shop then challange mode losers. and there are no good codes for this game

  56. avatar easy game

    god just finish the game like the little helpless babies that you are
    and try to do all the missions all over again and get every chest and you might find the ability units.

  57. avatar Anonymous

    ok ive finished the game and got ALL treshure chests AND bought the one the moogle had and i still only hav 2

  58. avatar Anonymous

    ability units that is

  59. avatar Anonymous

    never minde figured it out on my own

  60. avatar thank u


  61. avatar thank u

    i got to the finish but like never got the 3rd ability unit. it is soo hard.

    • avatar Ronaldo

      I really wish I got into Kingdom Hearts just like all my fnireds did. I was one of the few people who never had a PS2. Never really cared for the controller. (Oddly enough, I liked the Gamecube controller though.) I use to have an original PlayStation, but I always prefered my N64.I think it’s safe to say It will be a while before I decide to play a Kingdom Hearts game, though I really do want to. How badly am I missing out?

  62. avatar robert

    i need the 3rd ability unit but i finsh the game how do i get it by nat doing it over

  63. avatar robert

    plaes help me

  64. avatar robert

    what missions are day 25 through 30

  65. avatar cheesedoodles

    here is the webadress for a walk threw it helped me alot….UR WELCOME!!!!

  66. avatar cheesedoodles

    and no i dont know where the third ability unit is either so bug off

  67. avatar cheesedoodles

    after beating xion all 4 times as weird sora uber armor for the first time it was really easy the second time

    • avatar Farah

      Mar25Tango Are there English subs? Any chance you post more delatis info for your releases? like audio and video bitrates, runtimes etc? would be very helpful

    • avatar Ellen

      Hahaha. I played Chain of Memories a few mohtns before KH2. I remember being obsessed with getting that game to find out what happened to Sora too. When I played through the Roxas part, I got more excited cause I knew the truth would be unveiled shortly — after I did some meaningless chores. Poor Roxas. That depressing bastard. : (

  68. avatar wierdo

    where fo you get the 3 ability units? xD

    • avatar Maddie

      hassan Posted on You can name your blog on your own name like miror, one thing more, you should name it acrocding to your interest.

  69. avatar cheesedoodles

    complete mission 30 100% and u will get it

  70. avatar cheesedoodles

    day 95

  71. avatar Topher

    I don’t quite understand what all this blathering is about for having trouble finding the 3 ability units. if you can’t find the third then it’s pretty obvious that you clicked the “Advance” button more than once instead of just doing your job. but no biggie. simply press start to open the menu, open up the “holo-missions” tab, to do over the missions, and make sure u get 100% on day 15′s section- “Missions”. I got it first time through but it’s no biggie. though i’m warning you- Zero Gear in Mission mode is NOWHERE NEAR as powerful as it was in day 358. u can use it to it’s full extent in story mode though. anyway, if u want a good keyblade in mission mode, either use riku or Xion with the 3 unit Zero gear, or hit up 3 ability units and a power unit on the legendary Pandora’s gear. you can finish most heartless in one hit with it.

  72. avatar master h

    how do i get sora

  73. avatar master h

    i know now FU

  74. avatar U ALL BITCHES

    UR SO FUCKING DUMB WHEN YOU COMPLEAT THE GAME YOU CAN BUY ZERO GEAR. anyway xion is so easy they could of made it harder

  75. avatar Please Help!!

    I beat the game but it wont let me buy ZERO GEAR. what am i doing wrong??

  76. avatar awe some game

    Synthesize ??

    • avatar Zusakhe

      I’m actually pnyialg the original Kingdom Hearts for the first time. Initially I felt it was terribly rigid, tough to control, and lame (best word I can think of… I am pretty embarassed to turn it on at my age)- and I couldn’t tell what to do or where to go, so I was always running around aimlessly fighting the same heartless to no end. I later figured out that this was exactly what I was supposed to do. The magic mechanics are confusing, and I always seem to die right as I’m throwing that potion up into the air.But I’m diligent and I’ve stuck it out through all the frustration because I know a lot of people really think a lot of this franchise, and its certainly growing on me the more I play. It’s aligned with the type of games I like- variety, environmental puzzles, and strategic combat. I think as far as action RPG’s go, KH executes the best I’ve seen.However, I play in the middle of the night when there is no one around to watch. I can’t help but be ashamed every time Donald talks.I’m not sure if I’ll pick up KHII or KH358/2

    • avatar Mariaceleste

      @youllbejustfineAww.. I wish you were having a btteer time with the game! Are you using shortcut keys for your magic and potions?? If not, they do make using them a lot easier. I perfectly understand about playing the game in the middle of the night though ;) I think I actually played a lot of the second game with headphones on!@OmegaDragonXI’m loving the Slim. I am still always marveling at how small it is!! It hasn’t given me any problems, and I love how you can eject a disc without turning it on.I don’t know how hard it is to track down a PS3 with backwards compatibility, but I’ve heard that there are some small problems with the backwards compatibility. I don’t mind switching between the two systems at all, and PS2′s are REALLY cheap now and easy to find used.

  77. avatar cheesedoodles

    i cant get sora its hard

  78. avatar Angel-chan

    I am also having difficulties trying to unlock dual-wield Roxas. By going to the Mission mode, which Holo-mission do you take? I took the one where you collect hearts the second time. I’ve been having trouble with this for a while.

  79. avatar cloudi

    completely agree with you. I loved the music in the first few but was disappointed when I realized that hadn’t recorded a new mix for this game. Unfortunately, even though I beat the game (treasure chests, story/mission mode) there’s still things to be do. It’s been five months— I want to be able say I’ve completed the game already!

    • I find it funny that you’re complaining that there is TOO much to do. If anything, you should be greatful that a 35 dollar game has been keeping you entertained for so long!

  80. avatar Xamirtn

    how to clear 100% in mission 16..?? I kill 7 fire plant but its not 100% complete..Please someone tell me….T.T

    • avatar Everton

      , I loved the beginning of KH2 with Roxas. I don’t know why, but it was just nice exolrping the town and being, well, a “normal” kid doing normal things before everything gets all depressing. =P

  81. avatar SHOO DE WHOOOPPPP

    In the agrabah mission on day 256 ( get hearts) in the temple like place, all the pillars are toppled, i cant get get up there, andd it is the last mission for me to get 100% on all missions, help!

  82. avatar narugeto

    @SHOO DE WHOOOPPPP : I have the same problem as you O_o ! I think that you need a specific panel… I really need help too! HELP

  83. avatar SHOO DE WHOOOPPPP

    Sorry, I have not been on in a long time,I cleared it about 4 days after I left my first comment. SORA IS PWND. HIS WEAPONS DEAL SERIOUS DAMEGE

  84. avatar narugeto

    Shoo de whooopppp, how, plese tell me. I will be in debt to you!

    • avatar SHOO DE WHOOOPPPP

      First of all, how did u ask so quickly? like 2 min after i left my comment? Second of all, i did so quicly because i was bored, thrid, U need high jump panel and full boost for it, than jump of the hexagonal edge and voila!

  85. avatar narugeto

    IM on like 24 7 to get 100 % mission completeand THANK U SO MUCH

  86. avatar Kyuubiwarlord

    SORa is preatty good, his dream sword is like a god sword. It is his ability,the more combo the better!

  87. avatar Anonymous

    the game is very nice compare to KHII Its has a mature and complicated story wherein adults “US” are the ones to understand.

  88. avatar Help

    I beat the game and when i go to my file i have to beat xion again and riku

  89. avatar devax

    How do you get Soul of Sora????? Im not sure but is it that u have to beat all missions with a golden “done”??

    Which gear has the most power?

  90. avatar give me the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  91. avatar kingdom king

    hey i just beat kh 358/2 in 2 days it was alot of fun

  92. avatar heart kingdom

    Give me instructions to get the soul of sora

  93. avatar biggest k. h. fan ever

    you guys are the biggest idiots ever to play kingdom hearts game

  94. avatar biggest k. h. fan ever

    i beat every mission 100% and got all the chests plus the king and sora donald goofy riku and xion

  95. avatar biggest k. h. fan ever

    plus I almost got every challenge sigil, mission crown and the synthesis items and buy items in the game and i beat it in less than 2 days
    I am the true kingdom hearts fan and then I’m going to get k.h. birth by sleep
    see ya later losers ( I meant everybody who posted before i stared to post here

  96. avatar kingdom hearts

    get the ability unit by doing day 95

  97. avatar kingdom hearts

    the two key blades are worthless but not like on the day 358

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