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The Xbox Live dashboard update preview program has made its way to a select few. While many have longed for features such as Twitter and Facebook, the dedicated applications may not be for everyone.

The update is expected sometime in November and includes Twitter, Facebook,, Zune Marketplace, internet video, and a music games store dedicated to downloads for games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Read on to check out Gamer Limit’s preview of the biggest features in the Xbox Live dashboard update.

  1. I must admit, looks pretty damn impressive. Great video Kev, making us look extra professional :D

  2. Nice work! It’s great to actually see these features in action.

    I’m a bit turned off by the fact that Twitter is it’s own application, and not a dashboard function, however.

  3. Great video Kevin. I’m unfortunately not gonna use any of these new features, but it’s nice to know they are out there for others to use.

  4. Video is awesome! I’m probably going to get sucked into using these features at some point in time.

  5. works brilliantly and it allows you to find new artists you may like!

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