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3000 posts in under a year? Yep! A very big ‘thank you’ to all the following people for helping us achieve the latest +1000 post milestone.

As a side note… apologies in advance for everyone I found photos of!

Good work!

Adam Rinchiuso

Nice to see you back again.

Alex Yue

The king of the news, and the jack of all trades: need I say more?

Austin Sutton-Jennings

Our long time infrequent writer, love it!

Brock Johnson

Who are you?

Chase C

I’ve always wondered – what does the C stand for…

Chris Carter

Where would we be without you! (seriously)

Chris Vass

Presumably our youngest staff member? Good work!

Christopher Matulich

Quality over time!

Curtis Takaichi

We love waking you up at 6am for meetings.

Dan Growns

Newbie! It’ll be great to be able to make another comment about you at the 4000th post!


I still remember when you wrote your first post on Peace Walker *sniff*

James O’Connor

Post more of your awesome content!

James Pinnell

“That’s awful Colin”

Jamie Obeso

Our resident opinionated music man.

Jeff Effendi

Hopefully you thump your brother for breaking your laptop!

Jess Famularo

Always good to have a token girl for good luck.

Josh Quinnett

The one man audio and video army.

Kevin Miller

Best wishes to your family, and it’s fantastic to have you writing again!

Martin Bigg

He who likes opinions.

Nick Simberg

Genitalia stuck in pending, it’ll be out soon!

Paul Clark

Family man by day, extreme editor by night.

Philip Witowski

Great to have another Aussie join us!

Shawn Evans

Our eldest staff member! Congrats!

Simon Jones

Using work-time to post articles shows true dedication!

Steven Shepherd

Out of nowhere comes another interesting editorial!


Lovable random tangent articles.

Congrats guys, and here’s to the next 1000 posts.

  1. Congrats guys, and thanks a ton Sean! It’s nice to have long term community members give us a shout out!

  2. Congratulations everyone. Here’s to 3000 more, and then some!

  3. Whoo! We’re going stronger than ever. Haha, you photoshoped my inebriated picture. Congrats everyone

  4. It’s okay Curtis, he used a pic of me on FDR’s lap making my sexy face.

    Also, “Genitalia stuck in pending, it’ll be out soon!” …It sure will be. And not photoshopped either! Hide the kids.

    LOL Simon… true dedication, but not to your paying job! :P

    We are awesome. See you in three months when we hit 4,000!

    Oh, and congratulations! Can’t forget to say that!

  5. Yay! Congrats everyone! Another milestone for Gamer Limit, and here’s to many more to come.

  6. Congratz guys! I’ve only been with the site a couple months, but I feel like we have an incredibly strong group here. I honestly think the sky’s the limit at this point. Now let’s get to work on hitting #4000. :-)

    btw … I gotta get a new avatar.

  7. Haha that’s such an awesome picture of me.

    Great job everyone! Let’s meet again at 4000 posts!

  8. Good job guys!
    10k is only around the corner :)

  9. Can’t wait for the 9,001st post just to say “It’s over 9000!”

  10. Here’s to 10,000 posts!

  11. Don’t you worry I will make sure I am here for 10,000 plus ;)

  12. Haha, thanks for the mention! Congratulations to Gamer Limit.

  13. Congratulations dudes!

    I’m handsome :)

  14. Congrats! I look forward to helping to contributing to the 5000 post Mark

  15. Congrats on the milestone, Limiters. Look forward to meeting a few of you at eGames :)

  16. Well done to everybody. I’m proud to be a (small) part of this team. :)

  17. avatar Ferahtsu

    Grats mate! This site is really less than a year old? Best video game news site I’ve come across, EVAH!

  18. @Feratsu
    *hug* Thanks, dude.

  19. Fantastic news, that’s why I’m so proud to be dedicated to Gamerlimit! Couldn’t imagine being part of a better community, folks! Keep up the stupendous work!

  20. avatar Bruniinha

    Thank you Denise! Thanks for stopping by!@Danielle Thank you so much D! @Dabito Thanks David means a lot!@Shookeh Thank you and taknhs for looking! @Joss Hey Joss! Good to hear from you..always inspired by your work!@Jennie You’re sweet . Thanks for your constant support!

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