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Today the Gamer Limit office was hit by a particularly disturbing postcard.

So what could this ominous message be regarding? Read on for some extra clickable hi-res pictures, and take a guess!



All I can gather so far is:

  • The location used to be a paradise.
  • Something is going to go terribly wrong.
  • “William” high-tailed it out of here.
  • There is blood on the envelope (William’s?) – Thanks Curtis!
  • I’m probably in trouble.
  1. Is that blood-splatter all over the envelope? Don’t let me down Chris. You have to solve this mystery for us!

  2. avatar kaszan

    Bioshock 2 seems almost to obvious. Also, I like the interesting coincidence, that Andrew Ryan himself decided to comment on this subject.

  3. Would it be possible to get slightly less blurry photos of it? :D
    Maybe a scanned version?

  4. @Colin
    The numbers are smeared :0

  5. Also is there anything hidden under the address sticker? ;)

  6. @Colin
    Nope! I checked that already.

  7. I’m thinking Bioshock 2 as well. I really can’t think of what else it could be. Think about it. “For God’s sake, get out [of rapture] before it’s to late!”

    Unfortunately, according to the Bioshock wiki, there are no characters named William that we know about yet.

  8. I’m thinking Left 4 Dead.
    There’s a character named William.
    William “Bill” Overbeck

    I think throughout the game you can read a lot of times “get out before it’s too late” on the walls.

    But i’m not sure.

  9. Dante’s Inferno maybe? The talk about God and paradise hints at it discreetly.

  10. Have you tried holding it under a black light to see if there is anything that appears?

  11. avatar nick

    It’s gotta be Dead Island

  12. @Blacklight peeps
    Blacklight info is a no go!

  13. Looks very Fallout-aesthetics to me, at least the front image. Try burning it! The smell of the cooking blood will bring back memories of a simpler time.

    Or, maybe it’s just red food coloring. Taste it!

  14. As a guy who spends far too much time there: Anything BioShock 2 related comes from their Mark Meltzer character, so I don’t think it’s that.

    On a side note, while I love viral marketing, wouldn’t it be awkward if this was delivered to Chris’ neighbour accidentally? :)

  15. @Matty W

    I’d pay a hell of a lot to see that as a top FOX News story.

  16. avatar Jazzman

    It’s from russia, since the stamp has a polar bear.

    Maybe it’s from the future, those guys are telling us that they’re going to start WW3!


  17. avatar spate

    Hopefully the person who supplied the blood wasn’t HIV-positive.

    My bets on an expansion to Burnout: Paradise..

  18. Look at where it was posted from: New York, NY. I’ll tell you right now, it wasn’t from me. But that will definitely narrow it down; I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many companies that operate out of NYC.

    And on a quick search of both Valve and 2K (L4D and Bioshock), they don’t have New York offices.

  19. avatar HiddenAHB

    Please be BioShock2!!
    But i don’t know, Rapture never was a Hawaian Paradise or used bear stamps. Only YOU can save us Chris!

  20. Haha another site I visit got one of these as well. I posted there it was probably some poor sap who played too much of their review copy of Demon’s Souls. If Bioshock is out Dead Island seems pretty likely. This is a pretty neat advertising campaign to be sure.

  21. Man, I hate it when I sneeze on a postcard while I have a bloody nose.

    Happens all the time.

  22. @Rik
    All I see in I Am Alive is a city/metropolitan type environment, not a tropical paradise.

    It’s probably Dead Island or Bioshock 2.

  23. avatar Alex

    Have you considered New York New York the casino? Could be the Fallout 3 Las Vegas thing.

  24. Postcard is coming *from* a paradise, to you, somewhere else.

    In it, William suggests that something bad is going to happen where you are – not in paradise.

  25. But the postcard is also covered in blood, so maybe “paradise” is an ironic term? More likely, both the place he is at AND the place you are at are in shambles.

  26. @Josh

    Oh…Nick beat me to it.

  27. avatar monkeymenace

    Maybe it is a genuine death threat??

  28. It’s very possible it didn’t come from a developer, but a PR company the dev has hired. So looking at the NY thing will just get you confused.
    I’m genuinely confused about this viral ad and can’t wait to find out more. Love it!

  29. avatar Dude

    Magnalon, it’s obviously postal.

  30. avatar Mark Meltzer

    I didn’t send it.

    Mark Meltzer (actual)

  31. AWWWWW. What an underwhelming moment. I played the first Dementium – it wasn’t that good, but definitely steps forward for an FPS on the DS. Still really cool though.

  32. Well that was a dissapointing climax to all this build up.

  33. avatar bostitch

    Polar bear postage stamp.

    This is for Lost’s new season.

  34. Actually, I knew the right answer all along and I was just trying to throw you guys off. Yeah, thats it….

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