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Halloween is only a week away, and as expected, a lot of gamers will be dressing up as their favorite video game characters.  Long time gamer Kevin Craine would love to do this himself, but he’s more interested in passing this timeless tradition onto his two sons, Jatin and Navin.

This father/son trio became famous last Halloween when their homemade Mega Man, Pit, and Captain N costumes were featured in EGM magazine and on the front page of Destructoid and Kotaku.  Well, a year has passed and Kevin is once again sharing his passion for video games with his sons by creating them an incredible Yoshi and Baby Mario Costume.

Read on to see some pictures of these amazing costumes and to find out more about how they were made.

Kevin has been gaming since 1982 when he was seven years old.  During these last 27 memorable years he always wanted to embrace the geek inside of him and create his own Halloween costumes, but something has always stopped him.  Whether is was time, money, or lack of ideas, he was never motivated enough.

Well having kids has changed all that, and Kevin finally got to work last year creating costumes for both he and his two sons.  With the help of the Destructoid community he decided to dress up his oldest son Jatin as Mega Man, his youngest son Navin as Pit from Kid Icarus, and himself as Captain N.  The costumes were a huge hit and were viewed by thousands upon thousands of people all over the world thanks to the internet.


Kevin knew he wanted to do it again this year, so he sat down with his kids and discussed their costume options.  The decision for his oldest son came down to either Yoshi or Astroboy, but in the end everyone’s favorite green dinosaur won out.  With the big brother being Yoshi, it only made sense that the littlest should go as Baby Mario.

With the costumes set, Kevin met with his mother-in-law and began the creative process.  They discovered that Baby Mario was pretty easy to finish, but Yoshi unfortunately turned out to be much more difficult then everyone thought, as the first attempt actually failed.  Thanks to some words of wisdom from his son, Kevin went back to the drawing board and tried again.  The end result is nothing less then spectacular.

Over all, it took 5 hrs and $20 worth of materials to create Baby Mario, while Yoshi clocked in at 18 hrs and $100 of hard work.  As you can see from the pictures, all of that time and effort was well worth it, because the costumes look incredible.  If you are interested in how Kevin built these costumes, you can find out here.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Kevin seems like one of the coolest dads of all time.  While a lot of people have been gamers their whole lives, many of us are just now starting to have families and are getting the opportunity to pass our passion onto our children.  Hopefully in a couple years, stories like this one will be common place.  Until then, Kevin, Jatin, and Navin will remain a one of a kind father/son trio.





Source: Destructoid

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