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Today the Entertainment Consumers Association, a non-profit organization involved with gamers’ rights, announced that it has formed a new group called the “Gamers for Digital Rights.” This group will focus on providing “tools and resources that will help protect the rights of video game consumers today.”

ECA VP Jennifer Mercurio stated, “Digital rights are an extremely important and timely subject for everyone who buys and enjoys entertainment, but especially for those who purchase and play video games.”

To find out more about this new organization, hit the jump.

Mercurio added, “With Gamers for Digital Rights, our goal is to educate consumers about their rights, as well as the copyright and trademark laws associated with such technologies, and then work to open a dialogue between software publishers, developers and gamers.”

Personally, I think this is a great idea. We’ve all heard horror stories of people who buy games, only to find them riddled with invasive DRM that does more harm that good. Hopefully this new group will give gamers the information they need in order to protect their rights.

To get involved with this movement, all you have to do it head over to the Gamers for Digital Rights website. There you will find a whole slew of information of gamers’ rights including pre-filled forms to send to the Federal Trade Commission regarding DRM and EULA issues.


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