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Once again, rumours about these 2 big titles coming to the PS3 has been quashed.

The rumours started after EA Russia posted up listings of both games for the PS3, however in a statement to Eurogamer, EA confirmed that this was just a mistake.  It is unlikely that L4D2 will ever come to PS3, given that Valve do not like to deal with the console, but many had hoped that EA would port across the Mass Effect titles, with the lure of hitting another 20 million plus install base proving too hard to resist. Guess Microsoft have a pretty big exclusivity deal on that one.

In other news, Atari are publishing a Project Runway game, based on the TV show. The Project Runway video game will put players in the role of an aspiring fashion designer. Similar to the show, players will be presented with different challenges as they create designs and adorn models with hair, make-up, and accessories.

Players can then become the model and strut their creations down the runway using the Wii Balance Board(TM) accessory. Does this sound like more shovelware yes, but I’d love to see one of our guys do a video review.

Finally, in more news you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else, Left Behind Games Inc (otherwise know as  Inspired Media Entertainment), a leading publisher of Christian video games, are now available in select Walmart stores in the Dallas and Houston area.

Left Behind is a top selling Christian book series, and  Troy Lyndon, CEO of Inspired Media says, “The US market for Christian video games could reach $648 Million within the next five years based upon just 3% of video game sales being in the Christian segment.” This projection is based upon the prediction by PricewaterhouseCoopers that the sale of video game software will reach $21.6 Billion by 2013 in the US alone.

Sources: Reuters,, Eurogamer

  1. I bet that some type of agreement was signed when Bioware was sold off to EA that the Mass Effect series had to stay console exclusive to the XBOX360. Some thing tells me a lot of money changed hands at some point to make this a reality.

  2. I had partially expected a multi plat announcement at this years E3, but when it didn’t happen then I knew it never would. My guess is a lot of money changed hands, because there are an awful lot of PS3s out there now, and at least some of those owners would have picked up a big title like Mass Effect, where it ever to come across.

  3. avatar Anonymous

    @ Shawn, I think Bioware could do with the money right now considering the size of their other projects.

  4. /facepalm

    I was anonymous guy, did not realise I had not logged in.


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