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Well apparently, John Kennedy thinks so, lodging a class-action lawsuit against Sony for their 3.0 firmware update. Accusing Sony of breaching implied warranty and performing an act of negligence, he argues that thousands of PS3 owners have had their PS3′s bricked after the update.

Now while the update was fairly lacklustre and did cause a few problems such as games freezing and controllers not working, I don’t believe I’ve heard many complaints of the firmware bricking people’s PS3′s. Additionally, with Sony offering a firmware update to fix the few problems, I don’t think the update really warrants a class-action lawsuit.

What do you guys think? Have you heard of anyone’s PS3 being bricked from the firmware 3.0 update and do you believe its a serious problem, or do you think that John Kennedy is just an isolated case and this lawsuit is just an over-reaction to the $150 repair fee?

Source: Joystiq

  1. I wouldn’t want to spend $190 to repair the system I just bought either. (That’s the repair cost I’ve been reading/hearing about, may actually be $150 – I don’t know.)

    After Microsoft’s RROD fiasco (which still hasn’t been 100% solved), it doesn’t seem to be too much to ask that our multi-hundred-dollar video game system actually WORKS like it says it will.

    My Super Nintendo never bricked. It never even needed updates. And it’s still rockin’ to this day. :/

    That’s more than I can say about my 360. I’m on my third one in 2 years. Looks like the PS3 and Wii just wanted to get some of that red-hot broken system action.

  2. avatar Travis

    Yes. My friend’s PS3 is now dead. His PS3 was working fine on v2.80, and then all of a sudden v3.0 and v3.01 came along, and voila – a $400.00 piece of garbage bearing Sony’s branding.

    I avoided the firmware update because I always seek the low-down on firmware updates before downloading and applying them. As soon as I saw people having problems, I realized that I didn’t want to be a part of that nonsense.

    If my system dies from a firmware update, Sony is going to either fix it free-of-charge, or we’re going to dance in court too.

    Unfortunately my friend won’t be able to join the class-action launched in the US – us Canadians would probably have to launch our own – which I’m sure is already in the works.

  3. avatar smokestach

    I made the mistake this morning of blindly agreeing to what ever popped up on my screen so I could play some Brutal Legend and the damn update started and the PS3 isn’t reading any discs now. I wouldn’t say a class action lawsuit is in order but they should just give you the option, from the ps3, to rollback your firmware.

  4. avatar todd

    i own a ps3 and have a playstaion fan since ps1.. my son has a ps2 and ps3 a 40 gb.. i did an update for him at my place and now the damn thing is a brick. he is totally upset thinks it’s HIS FAULT AND THAT IS BULLSHIT!THEY TELL PEOPLE..GET THE UPDATE IT”’ “all the info” including the the hazards like hazmat then if it bricks it’s on the buyer.. i say yes to the lawsuit!

  5. avatar chris

    It bricked mine.

  6. avatar ismokeweed

    Mine is also bricked shortly following the update. Wont read anything blu ray but reads everything else.

  7. avatar Anonymous

    i think it definitely does. the same thing happened to mine. let’s see, $190 for repairs, or $300 for a new one? when it was sony’s f^*king update that ruined my system in the first place. f&*k that.

  8. avatar Pierre Javis

    Mine has bricked too. I just called Sony and they said my warranty was 6 months out of date, so they aren’t going to do anything unles sI pay them £99, even though I have just been out and bought a brand new one so my son isn’t without a games machine. Hows that for looking after your customers. I had a similar issue with my xbox 360, It was 2 years out of warranty. I had a mine refurbished and sent back from Microsoft in less than 2 weeks for FREE. I will never anything from Sony again. Pile of shit company, I hope they crash and burn in a pile of their own customer services bullshit!

  9. avatar Mike Ladyansky

    It happened to me! i have a 60gb launch model and it worked flawlessly until the update. Now any Blu Ray disc (Game or Movie) now completely freezes after about ten minutes of play. I contacted Sony and they completely denied that it could be anything but hardware problems, not to metion denying having any knowledge that this problem even existed, and told me it would need to be repaired for $150. I did some research on this problem and it turns out this guy is completely right. this update effected thousands of people in identical ways immediately after the download. Most of the people experiencing problems own older model PS3s. This is definately not coincidental. Sony must acknowledge this problem and do something to fix it or they will be dealing with tons of angry ps3 owners, including myself, and if taking them to court is the only way to get them to listen… So be it.

  10. avatar Joe Sampson

    The day after the 3.01 update…bye-bye Bluray!

  11. avatar ndg

    yup, same thing all i can do is download games and play them

  12. avatar Bob Herppich

    We too have an older, 60 GB PS3 and it seemed that right after the firmware updates (3.0 and 3.1) we have been experiencing constant game freeze ups. I have called and left my name with the law firm (Parisi and Haven, 1-818-990-1299) assoicated with the class action suit. Hopefully we will get some help or satifaction.

  13. avatar phi

    happened to my brother’s ps3 a week ago, then it happened to me after updating (right after) to 3.10. Everything else works but not recognizing blurays or games (or freezing) .I opened a case with federal trade commission and better business bureau. Can’t be coincidence. I encourage you all to open your case if it happened to you. Sony should do what’s right, listen to their customers.

  14. avatar Mike

    Where can I join the lawsuite? I hate lawsuits but the fact is, I just updated the latest REQUIRED firmware and IMMEDIATELY after that my disc drive quit working. They want $150 to fix it.

  15. avatar Harlok60

    same problem…same complaint…dont want vengence…dont want money…just want to play…or roll back the firmware….

  16. avatar andy s

    instead of us flaming, people need to get their shit together and squeeze sony by the balls for this with legal means

    yep – it happened to me too -

  17. avatar phi

    file complaints with bbb and with federal trade commission. i believe sony is doing something shady. let the ftc investigate but only if they have enough complaints for the same issue.

  18. avatar Dan

    count me in. My 60GB model won’t read anymore discs. We gotta show sony that it IS a firmware issu

  19. avatar Dave

    I wished I could get included on this law suit. My console is done after the plays music disk fine, but that’s it, does not read any games.
    Call sony, and since I work on computers, i took it apart and check to make sure cables were tight yet, that they said they will not even thing about helping me.
    Sony has everybody were they want them, they flash the Blu-ray board, knock it out, so people will bye new ones. Wonder who’; politicians back pocket they are in to get away with this

  20. avatar justin

    i updated my psx a couple weeks ago and my blueray drive immediately stopped reading all disks! sony told me there is nothing they would do about it i since they are not liable for and damage caused due to an update…se=ems to me that they should be because updates are required to play some games.. so your being forced to ruin your ps3…they need to make it possible to revert to an older firmware..or we the gamers need to team up and put a stop to it!!

  21. avatar justin

    go to the ftc and file a complaint!!! im in the precess right now

  22. avatar justin

    i updated my ps3 not psx it is an original 60 gig

    • avatar Mustafa

      Hello Pavel,The Training Log has been on and off on our end as well. It should be back and rninung at this time, please try to refresh your browser or open a new browser if it does not work this first time.-FINIS

  23. avatar nate

    i have a launch 40 gig that works fine. i play all day lately cause i got laid off and its all good. i use a Zenith plasma and havent seen the digital handshake “glitch” everyones whinin about. my point is take care of your shit. oh yeah i also have the og xbox and a 360 i bought at a pawn shop about 2 years ago and they both work fine………..hmmmmm

  24. avatar nate

    one important thing i forgot to mention is, in the future download updates RIGHT after theyre release or late at night when sonys servers arent overloaded. like i said, take care of things this spendy and fragile

  25. avatar pat

    i darent update my ps3 wirelessly as it bricked my 60g straight after the last update, my friend has a flawless wired connection and il be takin it there 4 the update, it is an inconvenience as there is at least one update every month

  26. avatar Jason O

    Its bricked mine. As soon as did the latest update 3.00 and then 3.30, my system total crapped. I can’t play brand new blu-rays (Sherlock Holmes, Avatar). None of my blu-ray ps3 games play. None of my older blu rays play. It will play regular dvds. If I do get a movie to get past the load screen it will lock the whole system up within minutes.

  27. avatar chris

    this update left me unable to play Blu Ray games or movies, they just load forever. I’ve formatted and restored system, files are still currouped and unfixable.

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