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Well, the headline doesn’t exactly paint an accurate picture of what they actually said. Daily Star, in fact, believes that the night-vision goggles gamers get from the Prestige Edition will encourage ‘pervy’ behaviour. Apparently it’s the ‘it’ item in gaming right now that’ll turn gamers into the Peeping Toms of tomorrow.

We hate tabloids, but this one seems to top lists with claims that “…geeky computer game fans are set to become an army of ogling pervs thanks to a giveaway of night-vision goggles.” Head inside to find the atrocities committed on innocent Modern Warfare 2 bystanders.

If the headline “GOGGLES ON FOR A PERVY NIGHT OUT” doesn’t quite catch your attention, maybe the following quote will:

The high-spec, see-in-the-dark gear has led the game to be dubbed Modern Warfare 2: Peeping Tom Edition. Hordes of joy-pad junkies are rubbing their hands in anticipation and some have already admitted they will use the goggles for “stealth dogging” and to spy on gay cruising spots.

Alrighty then, guys. Which of you are ready to rub your sweaty palms, grab the goggles and go look for some suspiciously sexy shadows? I know that’s the reason why I’m dishing out the cash on the game’s Prestige Edition. I mean, why else? Grab the vaseline already.

  1. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh out loud or cringe with disgust when I read this.

    Wait a second … aren’t most gamers already perverts. I don’t think the night vision goggles make them any more so.

  2. How did they know what I was planning?

  3. Well so much for my plans

  4. Wait, what?! We can score a pair of night vision goggles if we buy some fancy version of MW2?

  5. Yeah but it costs $100 extra or something stupid like that, and if you try to play the game with them on you go blind.

  6. That’s okay Austin, the thing I was planning on doing with the goggles is making me go blind anyway. Also: hairy palms. Tsk tsk.

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