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Today developer Vogster Entertainment announced that its recently released MMO shooter CrimeCraft will be receiving a revamped subscription model.

Said to arrive later this month, the updated payment plan offers gamers an unlimited free trial that contains the “major features of the game.” Vogster has yet to state what features will be disabled in the free version.

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The $9.99 monthly fee will still be the standard, however Vogster is introducing a new $4.99 subscription plan. The cheaper option will give gamers the same experience, just with less customization options, fewer skill slots, smaller inventory space, and slower XP gain.

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  1. When MMO companies do this, it’s usually a sign that they’re not getting the revenue they expected, so they’re trying to lure more customers to buy the boxed product who are too cheap to pay a monthly fee.

    I bet $20 bucks CrimeCraft will be spiraling the drain this time next year, if not already gone.

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