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Chinese online games revenues jumped 6.18 billion yuan ($906m/£576m) during the second quarter, an increase of 39.5 per cent year-on-year, according to data released by research firm Analysys International.

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China currently has more people online than any other country in the world, unfortunately it looks unlikely like western devs will be able to take any advantage of it, after the Chinese government banned foreign investment in the country’s online games industry.

According to Reuters it’s free-to-play games operator Tencent Holdings that is the market leader, holding 20.2 per cent of the market and generating 1.24 billion yuan in revenues.

Shanda Games followed with 20 per cent of the market and 1.23 billion yuan in revenues, while NetEase, who have a deal with Blizzard Activision to run World Of Warcraft was in third place with 12.7 per cent of the market and revenues of 780 million yuan.

There are some concerns that the new government regulations will affect the relationship that NetEase currently has, and we might well see the end of WoW in China. At least for the time being.

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