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Calling All Cars

Who here remembers Calling All Cars? This gem of a game was an absolute riot to play on the PS3 at the time, with its unique automotive take on capture the flag providing hours of heated gameplay. Fond memories of shouting “go for the paddy wagon!” in an appalling Irish accent were frequently had.

Unfortunately, much to my surprise hardly anyone bought the game on PSN, or at least didn’t venture online as every time I attempted to join a game the servers were disappointingly desolate. As a result, the servers are to be taken offline from January 14 2010, which is a crying shame.

Of course, players will still be able to take part in local multiplayer matches, but it’s still disheartening to see David Jaffe’s masterpiece be the first PSN title to be closed down.

Source: PSN Stores

  1. I really enjoyed playing this game. I propose a Gamerlimit Calling All Cars night before the servers are closed.

  2. If I had it, I would be down.

  3. I would be up for that, although I haven’t played it all year admittedly.

    Oh my god it’s a hot potato!

  4. Oh come on Martin. How can you possibly say that “Calling all Cars” is David Jaffe’s Masterpiece.

  5. I personally really enjoyed its addictive nature and it had so much character. Admittedly it needed more levels, but for its price I think it was a very underrated game for its time.

  6. avatar CAC-Board

    Would be a shame to see this game die completely, it’s a great multiplayer game. I’m hoping the shutdown could be cancelled if there’s enough action on the servers. So I created a new Calling All Cars forum and I’ve been inviting players there.

    Those of you who like the game, feel free to register and lets get some games going! The forum is at

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