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Brutal Legend is set to be one of the biggest games of ‘Rocktober’. However, if you’re like me, hearing the multi-player aspects being described as “action, real-time strategy and battle of the bands” was really off putting.

A new multi-player trailer explains exactly how easy (and fun) it will be to outwit, outplay and ultimately destroy any army/band that stands in your way.

All I can say is “finally”! We get to see a multi-player mode which doesn’t appear to be a tacked on afterthought.

How much Brutal Legend will use this RTS mechanic is uncertain, but we’ll find out soon!  The game is set for release October 13th (US) and October 16th (EU).

  1. Wow, this seems like it has a ton of potential of actually carrying a pretty awesome multiplayer game.

  2. Still on the fence about the multiplayer – but I have high hopes.

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