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You have probably heard of Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle).  You’ve also probably heard of Level 5 (Dark Cloud, Professor Layton).

When their powers combine, what do you get?  The biggest DS game ever – four gigabits of awesome.

The news was announced last night that the game would be clocking in at 4 GB (making it over twice the size of the PSP’s 1.8 GB UMD), but that was incorrect.  DS games are actually measured in gigaBITS, not gigaBYTES.  That makes this game roughtly 512 MB, still the largest DS game to date, and a reason to create a new high-capacity cartridge.

The game in question is the JRPG Ninokuni: The Another World (that title may be changed a little bit in localization).  Why do they need so much space?

Apparently, Studio Ghibli’s Joe Hisaishi is penning a full-orchestra score for the game.  Will his efforts be wasted on the DS’s weak speakers?  We’ll see.

The game hasn’t even been announced as a U.S. release yet, but it’s coming out in Japan in spring 2010.  Since this news was first broken by Nintendo Power, however, a localization seems likely, as that’s how the first Layton game gained exposure outside of Japan.

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  1. It looks neat, but I have yet to enjoy a game from Level 5 (although I admit I haven’t played the Professor Layton games). It’s too bad that DS games are so hard to rent.

  2. avatar J Garski

    Not to be nitpicky… but GB stands for gigabyte, not gigabit… four gigabits isn’t even a full byte… and there are 1000000000 bytes in a gigabyte.

    Just thought I’d clarify.

  3. I’m excited, I’ve never been disappointed by Level 5. If we get a localization, this’ll be a day 1 pickup for me.

  4. @J Garski

    Nowhere in the article does it refer to GB as a gigabit. Unless it was changed after your comment, if so then good spot. :)

  5. GB = gigabyte. Gb = gigabit. I was VERY careful about capitalization to hopefully avoid the same problem that the other articles had in their comments section. The game is 4 Gb, not GB, which amounts to about 512 MB. This was made clear in the update at the source website, as well.

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