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The gaming world has been given a rare gift this week with Toys ‘R’ Us launching a “Buy 2 Get 1 free” deal on their entire video game selection.  With both Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend releasing on Tuesday, it doesn’t take a genius to decide where to go to buy these games.  Unfortunately, toy stores nation wide have been selling out of both titles extremely fast, leaving gamers to wallow in misery.

Have no fear, because reports are coming in that Best Buy stores all across the country are honoring the Toys ‘R’ Us deal.  Considering they have a much larger selection of games, and they stock more of each, Best Buy is definitely the best place to go to take advantage of this incredible deal.  Make sure you call your local store first though, as it’s not 100% guaranteed that every one is matching this offer. 

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment to let us know how your game buying experience has gone this week.

[Update:] It appears that not all Best Buy stores are honoring this deal at this time.  Apparently some stores have received memos instructing managers not to honor it.  Please make sure you call your local store to double check before you head out there.

  1. The UK get nothing this good, ever.

  2. Most stores are matching, but ONLY if the Toys R Us has the games you are purchasing in stock. Which completely defeats the purpose of the deal.

    Tried it at my local Best Buy but it was a no go on Demon’s Souls since Toys R Us doesn’t carry it :(

  3. avatar Adrien Jackson

    I’ve called all the Best Buys in the North San Francisco Bay and not a single one is honoring this deal. Apparently a memo was sent out this morning telling managers NOT to honor the B2G1 deal.

  4. avatar Alan

    Demon’s Souls is a steal at full price. No joke.

  5. avatar jerome

    Exactly what stores are honoring this? Because the stores I have called say that they are NOT honoring this.

  6. avatar Jason

    Its crap, all the stores in L.A. are not honoring this…don’t waste your time

  7. Yea double check. Mine was honoring it for a few days.

  8. avatar Lazaro Buenviaje

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