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Today Sega announced that PlatinumGames’ sexy action title Bayonetta will hit North American stores on January 5. Our European friends will have to wait until January 8 to get their hands on this stylish game.

Created by Hideki Kamiya, the man who brought us Devil May Cry, Bayonetta promises to bring similar gameplay. Kamiya said, “it’s been eight years since [the first Devil May Cry (DMC)], so of course I wouldn’t create a game that hadn’t progressed from those days! Of course, if there hadn’t have been DMC, there wouldn’t be Bayonetta, which has evolved from DMC.”

This announcement arrives in tandem with the Japanise release of the game. The Japanise gaming publication Famitsu gave Bayonetta “a perfect score of 40/40 for Xbox 360.” The PS3 version, which was ported by Sega, received a 38/40. I guess we will have to wait until January to see what we here at Gamer Limit think about it.


  1. I really wasn’t that impressed by Bayonetta honestly… it felt like I was playing the original Devil May Cry, which made me want to play Devil May Cry 3/4… which I thought were better.

  2. Well, DMC 3 was possibly the best action game of all time! Famitsu gave Bayonetta a perfect score recently; so hopefully it’ll be nearly as good.

  3. I’m very intrigued by this game, but I’m still going to be playing all the games from November and December in January still, so I doubt I’ll have time for it. I might pick it up in the bargain bin.

  4. If Famitsu gave it a perfect score, then I have no doubt it will be good. And it was definitely one of my favorite games at E3, so I’m pretty damned pumped for this one.

    and @ Shawn
    I have a feeling this game won’t hit the bargain bin for quite some time.

  5. Pre-ordered it as part of the B2G1 at Toys R Us when the online system was still accidentally accepting pre-orders. Can’t wait for this game.

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