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It seems that Australians just can’t get enough of highly anticipated games being censored. This year has already seen a host of titles take on the OFLC and fail.

Today, it has been revealed that the Australian PC version of Borderlands contains an aptly named “borderlands_low_violence.ncf” file.  Sources within 2K stress that the mode is optional, and that the file has been included “accidentally”.

Read on to find out what 2K Australia had to say on the matter.

Pre-loaders of the PC version on Steam discovered the file as part of their download. When 2K Games was contacted, it was confirmed that the file was not included in the US version.

“We have been talking to the US 2K team via email and working out how this happened/what the next steps are to amend this via Steam. They’re working on clearing this up with Valve right now and know to ask how they will handle those people who have already d/l’ed the wrong version.”

This latest addition to the Borderlands saga is certain to cause more uproar, especially after it was revealed that the Australian and UK release dates for the game were marked incorrectly.

Borderlands will be available through Steam for Australian and UK gamers from Ocotober 30.

Source: AusGamers

  1. They fixed it! All you have to do is download an 8 GIGABYTE patch (about the same size as the whole game). Way to go, 2K!

    See the story here:

  2. avatar Anonymous

    are they dumb, or are they dumb?

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