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You just can’t get enough Dragon Age content injected into your veins, can you? It seems like every week we get a new boss trailer: sooner or later, we’ll know how to beat them all before we even get our hands on the game!

This particular video features the Broodmother, a hideous creature that lives below the Dwarves’ place of residency. It looks a lot like the creature from Blade to me, but feel free check out the trailer and see for yourself!

  1. I’m not sure if they’re really clever in releasing this marketing material to keep people hyped, or shooting themselves in the foot by showing most of the boss content.

  2. @Komplex
    Dragon Age Origins has probably the most aggressive marketing campaign I’ve EVER seen. Whether it pays off or not, we’ll see!

  3. avatar Darko

    I hope it pays off, otherwise I’m going to be spending a lot more on a PS3 and Demon’s Souls.

  4. That’s the most nipples I’ve ever seen in a Youtube preview shot.

  5. That thing reminds me of Clotho from God of War II.

  6. She reminds me of one of the demons from the 2nd season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The similarities are uncanny. Anyone remember what I’m talking about?

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