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Today online retail giant launched a new PlayStation Network store allowing gamers to buy downloadable content for their PS3 and PSPs.

Amazon’s PSN store includes numerous full games and downloadable content, however not all items from the actual PlayStation Store are there. Rock Band tracks, for example, are not available in Amazon’s store.

When gamers buy some content off of Amazon’s PSN store, they will be emailed a code that is redeemable at the actual PlayStation Store. The cool thing about Amazon’s system is that download codes are stored on “so [customers] can retrieve it at any time.”


  1. I really don’t get the point of this? Why not just purchase internally if its the same price? Or is it more for gifts?

  2. I understood the need for a XBLM store. Nobody likes dealing in Microsoft Points. But the PSN store uses $ values… so yeah kinda pointless

  3. @James
    It’s probably 100% for gifts.

  4. I think this is great. Amazon already offers discounts on XBLA titles from time to time. Hopefully they will do the same for PSN titles as well. Competition like this is great, and will hopefully help tame the high price digital distribution waters.

  5. Why doesn’t Amazon have ALL of the games? It’s not like they’ll run out of stock.

    For example: you can only buy 19 of the available 65 PSone Classics, and Amazon is missing all the big bestsellers like FF7, FFT, C:SOTN, MGS, and other classic acronyms. I can’t find a reason they would only have less than a third of the games. Licensing issues, perhaps?

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