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ABC has reported that “too much time playing video games may leave children with wrist and finger pain,” at least according to a survey conducted by a rheumatologist and his fifth grade son.

I have experienced this pain myself on at least one occasion.  When Snake was crawling down a microwave tunnel in MGS4, I had to mash a button for 3 minutes straight.  Hit the jump for more information on this half-assed report.

Around 170 children ages seven to 12 filled out questionnaires about their video game habits. Among the results: the younger the player the more significant the pain. Also, those playing an hour or longer a day were more likely to have achy hands.

Yes, that’s right, achy hands. Elsewhere in the report it’s referred to as joint pain, which sounds much  more serious.

The details of the study are being presented at the American College Of Rheumatology’s annual meeting. ABC reports that it’s just one of a number of reports indicating “(use of) video games, PDAs and cell phones can lead to repetitive stress and nerve compression injuries”

There is no doubt that the occasional videogame player will suffer a repetitive strain injury from the constant button mashing involved in Street Fighter 4, but I wonder how many American children are seriously injured each year playing American Football?

Source: abc7

  1. I remember in one of the Mario Party games I had to very rapidly move the N64 controller around in circles. That gave me some pain in the palm of my hand because I was moving it incredibly fast, but other than that, I’ve never actually experienced pain from prolonged playing.

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