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Yesterday Codemasters announced that it will release a patch for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising in tandem with a dose of DLC.

According to Codemasters producer Sion Lenton, “Our intention is to align [the patch] with the first DLC pack that’s coming out as well, which is due around the end of October. Hopefully we’ll do the whole thing in one.”

Lenton went on to say, “It’s not a lot of fuss for us to make new content–it’s actually quite easy for us to get it out there, with regards to things like levels, game modes, etc.” He also added, “The other thing we actually like to look at is getting some new equipment in there as well.”

The patch is said to affect “network optimisation,” as well as make the game “flow a bit better.” The patch will also help balance the game, with a particular focus on vehicles.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was released earlier this month on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. To see what Gamer Limit though of it, check out the review here.


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