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Sony has officially announced they will be launching a new sku of the PS3 Slim with a 250Gb HDD on November 3rd for $350.  So far the new system will only be released in North America, but there’s a good chance other regions will eventually get it as well.

The boost in hard drive space is the only difference between this new version and the current 120Gb Slim, so don’t expect any other additional features.  This is simply another alternative for people who think 120Gb isn’t enough.

The question is, will anyone want to spend the extra money for the larger hard drive space?


  1. I don’t see why anyone would see this as a deal. You are better off waiting for a deal on a 2.5″ internal HD that is larger than 250GB for around the same price, if not cheaper than $50.

    Amazon or Newegg always has a 320GB 2.5″ internal HD floating around for 50-60 bucks.

    Or do what I do and stream music/movies from your computer. I have a 60GB and don’t see myself ever increasing my HD space.

  2. I completely agree with everything you just said Kevin. I really have no idea why anyone would want to buy this more expensive version.

  3. It’s only for people who have no idea what you can do with a PS3

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