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Some of you may remember when ZeniMax Media, owner of Bethesda, bought up id Software a few months ago. Today ZeniMax announced that it has obtained the rights to the gravity distorting first-person shooter Prey.

In case some of you missed out on Prey, which originally came out on the PC and Xbox 360 in 2006, the game follows Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic who lives in Oklahoma. When Tommy, his girlfriend, and his grandfather are all abducted by aliens, Tommy must rise to the occasion and fight his way off the mother ship while trying to save his family. Prey was famous for its use, or rather misuse, of physics. As gamers work their way though the alien ship, various gravitation fields and portals make for a vomit inducing experience, at least for gamers who are prone to motion sickness.

Word got out when astute members of the media noticed ZeniMax registering a trademark for Prey under videogames, movies, TV shows, and books.

Back when Radar Group owned the Prey rights, they announced a sequel. Since then, however, no mention has been made of a Prey 2. Hopefully ZeniMax will take advantage of this property and deliver a sequel with all the gravity bending action gamers have come to expect.


  1. <3 the phrase "nom nom": mostly because Cookie Monster invented it.

  2. prey needed some zenimax to make it gold

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