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Xbox 360 Elite, previously dropped down in price from $399.99 to $299.99, is now seeing a limited time $50 mail-in rebate offer.

It undoubtedly will give  the Xbox 360 one more leg up on the PS3 Slim. 

This offer is only available  until October 5th, and unfortunately for our Aussies, it’s only in the United States. What should I pick? Xbox Live and the large library of games or spend the extra $50 on Blu Ray and some great PS3 exculsives? Decisions, decisions. Will this rebate help you make your decision?

Source: Major Nelson

  1. I’m going to be purchasing an xbox soon, but I doubt an extra $50 dollars off will stop the impetus that the slim is seeing.

  2. Depends on what the consumer is looking for. If strictly a gaming machine I think this will sway consumers to the 360. If looking for the “everything” (lol) that PS3 does, then yea 50 bucks and the hassle that mail-in rebates can bring may have no effect.

    Nonetheless, it is a great idea to do this now with ODST now out, MW2, Assassins Creed 2, and other big titles about to come out. Should certainly have a positive effect.

  3. Yeah the extra $50 could mean parents can buy an extra game to go with the console

  4. Fourth quarter is going to be a big hit on my pocket book..

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