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During tonight’s BBC broadcast of Watchdog (a British TV show which names and shames retail scams,) a segment cropped up which captured my interest regarding PS3 hardware failures. The feature brought attention to the infamous “yellow light of death,” which results in the console failing to startup in the same vein as the Xbox 360′s red rings of death.

If you are unlucky enough to have exceeded your warranty, then you unfortunately have to cough up the cash, but Watchdog came up with a solution after recruiting a repair team that possessed supernatural powers that can fix a broken PS3. During the show, a total of five consoles were repaired on air in the space of an hour.

Sony however were not best pleased with the report, and responded before the show had even broadcasted – read an excerpt from an open letter they wrote after the break.

You have informed us that this broadcast will include a report concerning faults alleged to affect PlayStation 3 consoles, and SCEUK’s policy on out-of-warranty (OOW) repairs. Most importantly, we entirely refute the suggestion that PS3 consoles have an inherent defect or other design issue which is akin to any warranty issue experienced by another console manufacturer. SCEUK has sold 2.5 million consoles in the UK since March 2007 and stands by the quality of its products. Clearly the allegations you propose to air in your program might have the potential to adversely effect Sony Computer Entertainment’s reputation for supplying high quality products and customer service and we take very seriously any issues that can impact the public’s or our customers’ confidence in those products.

And this writer has first hand experience of the matter, as my PS3 died on my birthday of all days. Typically, I had exceeded the warranty and had to fork out £140 for a refurbished model, and to make matters worse my brand new copy of Saints Row 2 (I managed to fit in all of 10 minutes of play before it died)  was stuck inside the unit.

Suffice to say, my refurbished console was delivered a week later but my game was nowhere to be seen. It would then take a staggering 3 months to receive my disc, which didn’t even come with an apology letter – Watchdog, I hope you are reading this.

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    This letter from Sony infuriates me. Their “quality” piece of SHIT product of a PS3 crapped out on me and has caused even further fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) for purchasing anything with the name Sony in it. Now I’m gaming happily with a cheap Wii and -dare i say it?- a 360 that somehow found it’s way into my household for free. The only action Sony could take to redeem themselves in my book is for them to put these broken PS3s where their mouth is and fix them free of charge. Otherwise they have no right to spread lies of how fine of a product they produce. Even Microsoft surprised their loyal fans with free repairs. I can’t help but get the idea that Sony planned these faulty PS3s in order to quickly reach a profit margin after losing capital per unit sold at launch. Boy I’m angry!

  2. avatar Bobby McFeral

    Fair enough for Watchdog tackling a console issue, but if they’re going to to complain about defective products, they really should have focused on the xbox 360.

  3. avatar moneydexter

    It’s incredible how a tv network can do a total waste of public money with a misleading report probably fundend by microsoft.I hope Sony sue them

  4. My license fee go towards this?

    What an under researched, over-exaggerated pile of tosh.

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