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Its no secret that the Australian video game classification system is backwards. Earlier this week ,Valves blockbuster Left 4 Dead 2 was refused classification in Australia. A recent comment from Valves own VP of marketing Doug Lombardi has told Shacknews that “everyone at Valve is pretty bummed”.

Well yeah… so are we.

“We were surprised to hear of this news yesterday,” the executive informed us. “Obviously, everyone at Valve is pretty bummed.”

“It would be a shame if folks in Australia, or anywhere else, are unable to purchase Left 4 Dead 2 because of a ratings issue,” Lombardi lamented.”

From those comments its hard to say whether an altered version of the game is in the works and if it will be resubmitted to the OFLC. All we know for sure is that right now, Australia is not getting Left 4 Dead 2 and that my friends, is a bummer.

  1. Fun Fact: Morphine was changed to Med-X in the global release of Fallout 3, and it was all the Ozzie Government’s fault!

  2. avatar Tyler Radsek

    Shouldn’t colin be writing this one??

  3. @Tyler
    Vass is an aussie as well :D

  4. hmmm… I’m curious to see how this plays out.

  5. avatar Tree Sap Zombie

    I am just wondering when did Australia become apart of Nazi germany?? I must have misssed that press conference. Censorshp is nothing but facism. FUCK THE CENSORS!

  6. avatar Anonymous

    Hehe, that logo is hilarious. Clearly photoshopped before the actualy L4D2 was announced.

  7. Does this mean no Gamer Limit L4D2 night?

  8. avatar Tyler

    Shawn, we all know Josh would ruin it and it wouldn’t last longer than a week. ;)

  9. avatar Seph

    Two words: Digital Download.

    All this classification refusal amounts to is that physical stores will not be able to sell it, from a technically legal point of view anyway; all MMOs are also refused classification in Australia, but everyone sells them anyway.

    Since Valve owns the Steam digital distribution service, and since Valve has no presence in Australia, Valve can still sell the game via the Steam store to Australian users, with no concern for the refusal of classification.

    I presume they are just bummed because of the potential loss of X360 sales here, along with a percentage of PC sales.

    Nobody with half a brain would ever play it on a console anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. ;)

  10. avatar Hamish

    too right my friend. I’m an aussie and I’ll be buying it on steam for sure. and nothing’s gonna stop me

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