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Some of you may remember the story of the Australian LFD campaign designer who felt a little left out that he wasn’t flown to Seattle along with the other L4D2 boycotters.

The story goes that he emailed Gabe (Newell), and, as a joke seemingly, Gabe agreed to meet him if he paid for them to fly out. Generally, most gamers would relish that the email was even replied to and move on. Except, well, “Joe” took him up on his offer and raised the $3000.

Did Gabe call his bluff?

It seems that he has. In a number of posted, probably real, gmail screenshots, Gabe has agreed to pay for himself and a colleague to fly to Sydney, rather then the original Brisbane, and to donate the raised cash to Penny Arcade’s Childs Play Charity.

While it’s cool that Gabe has decided to fly down to Australia to meet a random designer, it’s a bit disappointing that Brisbane has missed out. It’s likely that Gabe will take the opportunity to do some LFD2 spruking with local media, and may even possibly personally lobby for changes regarding the classification debacle.

In any case, it should be interesting. We’ll update you when more information becomes available.

  1. This is a really cool story. Disappointing about him missing Brisbane, though.

  2. Shame he isn’t coming to iDef in melbourne

  3. Gabe’s pretty keen on getting as many people as possible to buy L4D2, if this trip helps him achieve that, then it was a clever move.

  4. avatar website design

    Goddamnit! I cant look at that name without immediately noticing that its an anagram of "Hot anal sex". Thanks a lot internet.

    • avatar Anam

      Hi Monica, I can’t belief you’re a mom now! I can see you in baby Gabriel (love that name too). You and Edmund are doing a fatsatnic job as parents. Remember to take lots of pictures and grab lots of hugs & kisses. The time really does go by fast (my children are 20 and 17 -this year). My husband and I will celebrate our 27 wedding anniversary this August. Long ago you gave me a symbolic pair of chinese slippers. I am returning them to you (electronically) and wishing you well as you slip into your new role as a parent. Best wishes, Love Marie Mayne~

    • avatar Andrezza

      He sure knows that every day that brings him a slppoy bucket and so much love is a real blessing to be thankful for. You can see it in his eyes: Thank you! Thank you for giving me another day and a firmer grasp on life. Thank you for this day. Thank you!

  5. avatar Connor

    …What name? What the hell is wrong with you?

  6. Haha. I doubt he is paying for himself to fly there to raise money for charity. It is probably because he doesn’t want to fly that long in coach.

  7. avatar Manny

    Connor, he’s talking about the TF2-related name “Saxton Hale”. I don’t exactly know why.

    • avatar Aman

      I’ve been reading your blog to get ideas for my sttdneus and my own children for lunch ideas – and then I saw this post and I knew I had to comment. I too have a friend Alex in my life who has Neuroblastoma (he’s 14 months old). I can’t wait to find out more about the Chemo Duck Program and what I can do to help. :)

  8. avatar stapler

    great timing seeing l4d2 has been banned down under

  9. avatar Fuchal

    I’m sure he can stay in the hippo pen at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. They might even hose him down.

  10. @Fuchal

    Someone had to crack that joke. I’m glad you did. :)

  11. avatar Kevin C

    “website design

    Goddamnit! I cant look at that name without immediately noticing that its an anagram of “Hot anal sex”. Thanks a lot internet.”

    …What name? What the hell is wrong with you?”


  12. avatar Mih Tsurt

    Disappointing, are you serious? I’ll tell you what’s dissapointing a game with rifles that you can’t sight up with, and a game where you can actually benifit from being knocked down. or how about this, a game where you can be getting hit by 15 zombies at the same time and still survive. games like this serve to further an own going trend in video games. lets make games that require little to know thought process to play, and lets make the easier to play so that the player has a false sense of accomplishment to the point where they will spend money on a second almost identical game. Big ups to capitalist interest.
    email welcome

  13. avatar name

    and hopefully he can knock some seance into michael atkinson.
    but i wont hold my breath, he would probably be better off trying to talk to a brick wall.

  14. avatar website

    Pheww at least hes donating the proceeds to charity. This dork-fest of a boycott will be the end of valve if they keep on taking these dipshit fanboys seriously.

  15. avatar duh

    wow, I can’t believe the guy from Penny Arcade is going to Australia.

    Who is the fat guy in the picture?

  16. avatar Ferahtsu

    That’s it, I’m gonna start complaining about the next class update for TF2 for no reason other than getting the chance for a peek.

  17. avatar Sigit

    As unlucky as Gabe has been, he is lucky to have such good freidns to stay up with him and keep him from reopening that wound. And what a true blue pal Geevers is! So alert and making sure no opportunists come along to take advantage of Gabe’s weakened condition and to make sure all are safe so the humans can do all the thumb work that has to be done to get Gabe better.What a good dog!

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