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Last week we updated you on the Scribblenauts Toys R’ Us giftcard deal, and now, we present you with the similar ODST deal.

Simply put, buy the game at the failing, desperate retailer, and nab a pretty sweet figurine and a $20 giftcard! Apparently the figure is valued at $11.99! Sweet deal on its own, or rip-off? You tell us!

  1. avatar Audacityrage

    thanks for the tip! bookmarked!

  2. Well, it’s an alright deal. You get the giftcard AFTER you make your purchase, so it’s not like it can go to your game purchase. Certainly not bad though.

  3. @Dylan
    Yep! It’s understood that that’s how 100% of retailers do it.

    You can use the $20 towards either Scribblenauts or Bowser’s Inside Story

  4. I’ll definitely be going to Toys R’ Us now to buy my copy of ODST. Afterwards you can probably find me in the LEGO isle drooling and reliving my childhoold years.

  5. avatar Globals

    all good things

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