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[Hello and welcome to The Week in News, your weekly source of gaming news nuggets served to you by Gamer Limit every Sunday!]

Yes, it really is that time of the week again where a copious amount of filling is condensed into one easy to digest sandwich of an article for you lucky readers.

Your roundup of this week’s news events awaits you after the break.

This week proved to be another Sony centric week with the release of the new 3.0 firmware update for the PS3, but, as is all too frequent with Sony these days, it wasn’t without tribulation.

For some unfortunate Playstation dwellers, the cursed update proceeded to allegedly break their controllers before spreading its attentions to Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, rendering him absolutely helpless. By now I think you know my thoughts on the subject, but if not you can read my write-up which resulted in some interesting lewd comments about my haircut amongst other things, courtesy of the lexically inept internets. To those who took the time to comment so flamboyantly, I congratulate you.

In a surprise move, Sony also informed us about their plans to be gaming reality TV pioneers with The Tester, a new PSN exclusive show which will pit individuals with protruding egos the size of Mount Everest against each other, in a series of tasks to land themselves the ultimate job of The Tester. That doesn’t sound like a certain business reality show at all does it Sir Alan?

Something tells me that this won’t be as prestigious as it sounds since the prize is essentially that of a games testing role, which is quite possibly the most soul destroying job you could ask for. Such a position is also normally given out after candidates have had what is known in the trade as a job interview.

Over on the other side of the fence, Microsoft is hoping for a more successful software launch with the anticipated beta for Onlive, as you can now sign up to take part. Their ongoing quest to persuade you that your prized Xbox won’t abruptly drop dead on you took another turn this week; as did their inflated budget with the sensational yet surreal live action trailer for Halo 3: OST. Why can’t all game advertising be this grandiose?

Things were not so bright with the new Assassin’s Creed 2 trailer however, which somehow thought the best way to convey a rich game set in medieval times was to blend it with turgid techno babble. But then our spirits were lifted after seeing another glimpse of Modern Warfare 2’s delicious multiplayer in action. I think we all need this game right now.

Elsewhere, Lord of the Rings Online is to gain a new expansion pack, and I’ve ran out of things to say about that already. Moving on, Nintendo capitalised on their own coveted cash cow by introducing Wii Fit Plus, a new strategy game entitled Order of War was announced by Square Enix, and the upcoming Fairytale Fights is now set to include a 4 player online component. The game in question takes every puny child’s best loved fairytale characters and bludgeons them all to death in a series of fantastically twisted bloodbaths – I’d love to meet whoever devised that up.

Speaking of violence, some tantalising new screenshots for Left 4 Dead 2 emerged and GTA: Chinatown Wars became even more scaled down to fit onto your Apple branded fashion accessory.

And finally

Gaming etiquette stooped to a whole new low – let me introduce you to iPeePee, an application that pretty much does what it says on the tin.

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  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    Whoa now, watch what you say about techno. Well, at least about Justice, who made the song you’re referring to. That song is “Genesis”. Please don’t resort to exaggerations by calling Justice turgid, much less babble. Before anyone makes an argument I present turgid techno babble, literally.

  2. @Ferahtsu
    I’m actually a huge electronica fan myself :D . I dabble in most genres, but I’m a huge fan of dream. I also have that Justice CD (new album in 2010!).


  3. You’re doing a great job of pissing of techno loving PS3 fans this week Martin! :P

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    WOOT! New Justice album in 2010? Thanks for the heads up Chris

  5. Good round-up. Obviously not the quickest of news weeks, but a good summary nonetheless.

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