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So yeah, Chad Warden was right, albeit a little inaccurate in terms of timing. The PlayStation 3 (PS3), or PS-Triple, has finally come around all guns blazing, releasing a trimmed down version of the console for a more affordable price. For those who’ve decided to join the bulimic party, we’ve compiled a list of games that you should get cracking with, or alternately urinate on before they burn your eyes.

Here’s a list dedicated to you, Chad!

Extra DualShock 3

You need another one of these, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. No second controller, no offline multiplayer. And yes, this is the DualShock 3. It vibrates.

Bluetooth Headset

Any Bluetooth headset will do, but the one pictured above may make you feel more like a badass once you load up a shooter to play over on PSN. Be warned; despite less pre-pubescent screams than that of Xbox Live, expect limited use of the English jargon and typical trash-talking from your opponents online.

HDMI Cable

There’s a simple way to explain this. If you want to show off your new, sexy, Slim to your friends in the best possible way, you’ll need an HDTV and HDMI cable to maximize what’s on the screen.  In other words, buy the cable first before you order the pizza.

Now you’re all set with the pre-requisites, pick up a few of the games listed below and bask in all its gaming glory.  One word of advice though, try to avoid the games we tell you to avoid, we really do mean it. There’s nothing worse than loading up a stinker as you try to convince your friends that the PS3 was worth it.


A Sony exclusive Xbox 360 fanboys love to hate, inFAMOUS is one of the most electrifying (pun intended) sandbox games we’ve played to date. Similar to Prototype in terms of a superhero-centred story, inFAMOUS excels in a tightly written narrative not seen in its competitor. A cool protagonist, epic boss battles, imaginative superpower skills and a Karma system all help to create a brag-worthy title. If you’re looking for the first PS3 exclusive to get into, buy this one.


Justify your purchase of a PS3 Slim with Sackboy’s game, and convince your girlfriend it’s actually worth it. LittleBigPlanet, a puzzle platformer exclusive, is a cute, creative, and well-executed journey through some of the most flamboyant worlds you’ll ever jump, dance and swing in. While you play on a 2D platform, the detailed 3D visuals make the inspiring locales a pleasure to traverse in. Co-operative play in any game has always been a plus and LBP’s no different. Snap up two controllers, kick back and enjoy the charming ride with up to three of your friends.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Though nothing’s quite as good as a down and dirty Megan Fox begging you to clean her up with Colgate, Nathan Drake’s adventure in HD comes mighty close. Throw in all of the set pieces seen in Hollywood cinema; sprinkle a bit of Indiana Jones and a ‘roided up Lara Croft while stirring it into a giant melting pot. You can’t go wrong with Uncharted. The way the flora sways in El Dorado, the seeping rays of the sun and glistening waters are what pushes Drake’s adventure from a generic flick to a memorable piece of entertainment.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Being a huge fan of the Metal Gear series is irrelevant; this decision remains unanimous. One of the greatest games ever made, you can hold your chin up high and revel in the fact that your Xbox 360 friends will never see the light of perfected storytelling in a videogame medium. Forget Mass Effect, the final chapter in the legendary saga tells an amazingly poignant tale other games could only dream of. There’s no such thing as gaming perfection, but Snake’s grand swan song comes damn close.

Heavenly Sword

Despite the fact that it’s one of the more underrated PS3-exclusives, Heavenly Sword is still one of the finest hack’n’slashers you can get your grubby, Pizza-ridden paws on. Not one to usually grab the Vaseline for videogame characters, I can’t deny that Nariko, the game’s heroine, is pretty damn attractive for a pixel-made character. If you fancy an over-the-top plot, mindless battles against good old medieval tyranny, and some of the most ridiculous characters ever seen in a videogame, look no further. The game’s a little short to warrant the full $60, but Ninja Theory’s finest hour might be the most compelling all-nighter you’ll pull all year.

The Punisher: No Mercy

Don’t fall for the whole Marvel facade, No Mercy unfortunately looks a little lame and plays even worse. The main reason you’ll be considering to even peek at its PSN description will be because of the game’s multiplayer. In the event that you actually decide to purchase this title, never open up Pandora’s Single Player Box. Once unleashed upon your eyes, there’s no telling what atrocities will feed on your soul. Unless you’re really, really hardcore and live life on the edge, avoid this pile of lameness. For those that are truly edgy; wear a pair of thick, black goggles and hope that your eyeballs won’t incinerate right before your very goggles.

Resistance: Fall of Man

I know; what have I done? Have no fear; I’m pretty sure Gamer Limit’s credibility won’t soon crumble to the gravelled ground due to my oh-so-big mistake. Sure, Resistance was a flagship title when the PS3 was first released, but given the advances in technology, wider range of FPS titles out there and the game’s release date, we can do much better than Resistance in this day and age. The textures are duller than stale, mouldy bread, while the gunplay severely needs an injection of super morphine. Yeah, I said it. This, without doubt, isn’t the PS3-exclusive you should show to your friends.

There you have it. This is by no means a complete list, but it’ll definitely kickstart your weekend as you caress that bulimic, black thing you just bought for $500 AUD. Choose the right games, use the proper peripherals and above all else, shop smart.

Though Metal Gear Solid 4’s arguably the greatest videogame ever and is worth your $100 AUD, you can definitely pick it up for half the price. The same rule applies to everything listed, so get going with the PS-Triple and start baaallinnn’ (note: both NSFW). Go on, make Chad Warden proud, who cares about ‘Gaylo 3’ when you’ve got Killzone 2. There you go, there’s another game to add to the list. Madness!

  1. Great guide Jeff, but I honestly can’t believe that Killzone 2 isn’t on this list. Simply put, KZ2 is one of the finest FPSs this generation. Everything from the single player to the multiplayer had a level of polish that is simply unheard of on the PS3.

  2. As a proud MGS Backwards Compatible PS3 owner, I can safely say this is a good list.

    As a side note:
    If any prospective headset owners are becoming discouraged by the $50+ price, DO NOT buy an official set. Look in the Best Buy circular ads for a $30 or less sale on certain branded headsets, or look for the Tom Clancy’s EndWar Bluetooth bundle, which you can find on national Target clearance for $10 or less.

    In terms of other exclusives besides the above list, I heartily recommend Demon’s Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, Shatter (PSN), Folklore, and PixelJunk Eden (PSN), for starters.

  3. I find the lack of Valkyria Chronicles disturbing. Also, despite the hate the PS3 gets for not having as “deep” a library as the 360… I can more than safely argue that the PS3 has the top two best exclusive games of this generation (Uncharted and MGS4)

  4. Nice list Jeff, although I would have added Killzone 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift as well. Resistance is indeed getting dated, but the sequel was actually rather good. And I liked your mention of bulimia! ;)

  5. While MGS4 was brilliant, the story is ridiculously convoluted and I honestly think that ME’s is just as poignant without a lot of the Kojima wankery that tends to infest his otherwise brilliant games.

    Other then that, great list, I own all of the must haves – I’d agree with Chris and would add Valkyrie Chronicles.

  6. avatar randombullseye

    Disgaea 3 isn’t on your list? What, SRPG’s a little too niche for you? I’ve not beaten part one yet, but it was so amazing I went and bought every one in the series. Soon as I’m done with 1 & 2 I’ll pick up 3. It’s a definite buy for me. Valkyrie Chronicles looked good too, I regret not picking it up cheap.

    Gameplay wise, Metal Gear Solid 4 is untouchable. If you like murder at all, pick that up. And it actually makes sense of Metal Gear Solid 2, so if you like storyline stuff, go for that.

    I picked up four games right now. Sentence reviews!

    Warhawk – Which I’ve played very little of as I don’t know anybody on PS3 yet.

    Metal Gear 4 – Having been with it since the 8-bit systems, how could I not? And at 26 dollars, this was a steal.

    Genji 2 – I paid six dollars for the original and like it a lot. The sequel I like so far, but I must say I bought it based on one giant enemy.

    Resistance – I want to like this, it’s not bad really, but I’m not loving it. I was murdered in multiplayer and single player I somehow didn’t save.

    Add me sometime if you (or anyone reading) wants to play something. It’s just randombullseye on there. I’d love to play Metal Gear online with people I knew.

    • avatar Dod

      I got my copy of Postal 2 a few days ago, and have played it turghoh about halfway. Overall, the game is fun, but there is one big drawback the load times! It seems like every 2 or 3 minutes, I’m waiting for a section of the map to load. This can take up to a minute and a half, even though I turned down some of the settings and am running it on a 2 Ghz system. The graphics are good, if a little repetitive (there are only about 5 or 6 different NPCs, they just have different colored outfits on, and some of the indoor environments are kind of boring), and the gameplay is great. I found the controls easy and how you interact with the environment good. But, you can’t really go postal , because it’s too hard to kill your enemies. It takes several shots to kill anyone, even if you shoot them in the head. In fact, it doesn’t seem to matter where you shoot them. I found myself running away most of the time, just ’cause it’s easier.Overall A fun game, but the load times pretty much ruin it.

    • avatar Cat

      i dont feel like that. i hated killzone 2 but 3 is aosweme. although i have been a CoD fan since forever so maybe thats why n u love the old killzone and didnt want innovation? Was this answer helpful?

  7. avatar Quraishi

    You put LPB over Killzone 2?


    Other than that, nice article

  8. @james

    Somewhere, a fanboy just got his wings.

    • avatar Lavigne

      I had used the same product beofre a couple of years ago at a gym, and decided to buy my own. When it arrived, the product appeared to be in excellent condition However when used, it made an extremely loud noise unlike the quiet whirring of the one I had previously used. It almost sounds like nails on a chalkboard as the base rotates. the product works, but it is hard to get over the screeching to use it!

  9. avatar Will

    i would put killzone 2 over uncharted because if you say resistance is a game to avoid because of how old it is then uncharted should be avoided too. O yea uncharted has disgusting grenade effects. idk how ppl think it has “great graphics” the smoke freaking keeps going up to the skylike the grenade blew up the entire map. MGS 4 is preobably the best video game ever created. I only tried mgs 1 when i was like really young and i didnt like it probably because i was like 8 years old or some shit. but when i played mgs 4 man that shit is amazing. Its like the definition of a perfect game. i would definitely recomment any new slim owners to get mgs4 lol

  10. avatar Left Hook

    But Resistance and Uncharted’s graphics couldn’t be more different, they’re different as hell! Uncharted’s stood the test of time. I’d say put KZ2 there though, awesome stuff.

  11. avatar J

    No love for Ratchet & Clank?
    I´m former PS2 player and loved the series.
    Decided to start this generation with the Xbox360 and just bought a PS3 slim, should I go for R&C?

  12. avatar endwife

    As a R&C fan from the ps2 days. I’d say the PS3 games (Future & Quest for Booty) are pretty much the PS2 games with better graphics. I personally feel the series has been quite stale. On the upside it seems improvements have been made for A Crack in Time. It ceretainly seems to be gaining alot of positive buzz.

  13. avatar Mitchell

    The graphics may not be there in Resistance (in places they’re great), but the gameplay makes Resistance: Fall of Man still one of the best shooters on the system. I love my MGS4, KZ2, LBP, and COD4, but I still pop in Resistance: Fall of Man from time to time. Resistance 2, on the other hand…stay away from that.

  14. I think harking on a game’s graphics is poor judgment of a game. You got to look at was it fun? Yes. What features does it have? Many guns, interesting story and co-op story line, not to mention a Multiplayer that still has some die-hards online.

    Besides, you gotta know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. Would you tell someone to not play Super Mario just because the graphics aren’t good to today’s standards? Resistance came out to new hardware and they did a good job. With that said, my list:

    Resistance: Fall of Man (again the story was fun and if you plan to play R2, it makes the story have better sense. R1 had the better story anyway).


    Resistance 2 (Co-op with buddies will be fun for hours, even more fun if they offer more maps later)

    Killzone 2 (again one of the best shooters released and online is a BLAST)

    MLB 09: The Show (Important if you’re a baseball/sports fan as it is easily the best sports game on the market…only on PS3)



    Other Mentions to try out:
    Warhawk (has a demo and a dwindling user base but still fun)
    Folklore (demos again and a fun RPG that died too quickly)
    Pixel Junk Eden
    Pixel Junk Monsters
    Fat Princess
    Ratchet and Clank (any of them really)
    Siren: Blood Curse
    Superstardust HD

    PS: Sorry for the long comment, guess he beat me to an article I should have wrote too.

    • avatar Tom

      Johan Liljegren November 13, 2007 Jeff,Great to get some new blog tips! However, the link to Matt Evans’ The Admin Exchange is most likely ircernoct, as it is the same as the one to Salesforce Times.My Google karma doesn’t give me any tips on where to find it either. Do you have an updated link to it?Regards//Johan

  15. @Brandon:

    Hey mate, thank you for your input! While I agreed on most of the games you listed, I wanted to mention two points in my defense to clear a few issues up.

    Firstly, as I’ve stated towards the end of the article, this is by no means a complete list of games ‘to buy’. It’s a simple buyer’s guide as to what potential buyers of the Slim should look forward to playing as they buy their first Sony console. In my view, adding a whole lot of other games in the list would’ve misguided, rather than guide, buyers to what they should actually buy for their first ‘PS3 Slim weekend’.

    The second point I’d like to raise up concerns your mention of Super Mario. I’m assuming you chose Super Mario as an example because it’s a classic. As I’ve mentioned, the guide is directed to those people who buy the Slim because they want what Sony has to offer in this current day and age. And yes, I wouldn’t tell anyone to play Super Mario if what they wanted was a representation of today’s PS3 games. The reason people dish out $500 for a PS3 Slim is not because they want to play old classics, but ultimately experience something contemporary.

    With Resistance, I think buyers can do a lot better than the average FPS. While the visuals are subpar, it’s not the only thing which drove my decision to put the game in the ‘avoid’ list. For the same price, you could probably buy Bioshock, arguably one of the greatest games of its genre in the current-gen.

    Finally, please by all means, do put up your own guide. We have a blog section, and if you write for other gaming sites, I wouldn’t mind reading a more extensive list than the one provided by me. Thanks again for the comment!

  16. Resistance is completely dated compared to any FPS you can get now for the platform, including either COD, Resistance 2′s fresh take on coop, and Killzone 2.

    I think it’s completely reasonable to avoid Resistance 1 so late in the game.

    • avatar Gojko

      Try But i think you need to have atleast 50 posts to be able to buy or trade games!Check it out thugoh.. Other option is consoul.inBoth are good sites with a huge user base. +15Was this answer helpful?

    • avatar Moazzam

      totally agree with you in most aspects of what you said. they tried to make it esaeir i think than killzone 2 was, which is one of the reasons i was such a killzone 2 fan prolly. i mean what its like 2 shots anywhere on the body with an lmg and ur dead. like you said sniper rifle is dumb now, scout all together is over powered if you ask me. they said theyd do some patches, but we’ll see how that turns out. totally forgot about the spawning on squad leaders till you mentioned it. when i got into open beta i tried out the tactition, previously my fav classs, and was like, hey, this guy cant do jack at least not till hes got all his unlcoks. takes ages to capture anything with him otherwise. im not liking the guns matched up with the classes too much either. idk, overall i dont like it the way i liked kz2 when it first was out. i was on it nonstop, with kz3 im just meh. also some of the maps seema bit large. makes it that much esaeir for snipers to catch you out in the open. and im sick of all the particle effects they added in. i dont know the names of the maps yet, but one snow one is rediculous in certain spots, cant see 20ft in front of you with all the snow coming down. and the map thats all green? thats kind of annoying as well.i dont know though, i feel like they changed a few things for the good, like smoother controls, but the rest is kinda, meh. its playable but not fantastic. almost like they wasted all this time to make a brand new game and all i like better is the smoother controls. if they could have taken that back to kz2 it would have been great. ok im going to stop talking now cuz thats a lot to read and not a lot of it really matters lol, but yea man i totally agree with you in most areas, kz3 isnt what i was hoping for. beta was sick tho? at least in beta it seemed like it was harder to kill people, idk what happened to that? Was this answer helpful?

  17. Great article Jeff!

    Since my ps3 is weeks away Ive now got a good idea of what games to get. Uncharted and InFamous here I come :)

  18. @Jeff

    Hey no problem. I didn’t mean to come off like a bull if I did. Your guide was pretty great though and I think hit many points. I was just stating that I wouldn’t tell people to avoid Resistance completely, at least rent it (or try the demo I guess) because it does have its moments and like I said, if playing R2 it helps fill in the gaps.

    And the graphics thing has always been an argument for me and my friends…we have a friend that no matter how fun the game is, he’ll avoid it if the graphics aren’t “AWESOME.”

    No, this is the only place I write for…and most of the time I’m late to the punch on getting articles by the time I get home from work. :) Keep up the great work, just thought I’d throw up my list and I guess you got caught in a mini-rant.

  19. avatar thom

    i have to agree that one ought to avoid resistance 1 as they have so many more options. it was a must buy for the first two years of ps3′s life but now it isnt. but i have to say the reasons to avoid it are that one should go for resistance 2 or killzone 2 instead as they are more polished, more active community, and more varied gameplay options. and you should recommend them instead of just stating to just avoid resistance 1.

  20. avatar Tyler

    How is Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 not there!!?? they are so far the best looking games on the console and Resistance fall of man might be old but worth it and i think it dropped down to 29.99? and the graphics were pretty ground breaking for that time and it still looks better than some of todays games

  21. @Tyler
    Uncharted 2 was yet to be released at the time of this editorial’s writing :)

  22. avatar Chahrazed

    i personally love kiznolle 2 so i would go with map packs.but if i were u i would just save up 20 more bucks and get them both cuz i hear battlefield is really funWas this answer helpful?

  23. avatar Jessil

    you know,if ISA is good in sniping,why the Higs need to aim swloly to shoot? I like the part where he snipes until they reached the Arc Cannon o.o’ 9:29 Rico needs sniping fire :3

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