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Several game developers have already been guilty of indulging in some of life’s more reprehensible endeavors. However, there may very well be a new leader to contend with thanks to the release of iPeePee on the iPhone.

Someone over at Apple obviously approved this app for release, and it has been receiving plenty of attention – both good and bad – ever since.

What you see is exactly what you get. Besides its genius name, you take on the role of a raging drunkard who needs to release his pent up river of gold into the solace of a porcelain palace.


Longevity is always a problem in casual apps such as this one, so developer Mobiguo has attempted to, if not curb, at least lessen the chances of gamers playing once and then never picking it up again.


You will start off as a lowly dredge of a human being in a local bar’s restrooms, but will soon be moving onto bigger and better throne rooms such as a plane, a safari camp, and even your in-laws’ bathroom.


iPeePee is available now for only US$0.99.

Source: Pocket Gamer

  1. avatar Jazzman


  2. avatar siteb

    hilarious!! harder than expected…

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Coming soon, Postal the iphone app lol jk

  4. avatar andy (omega land)

    whilst this sounds good, i don’t think it can beat the pleasure of sitting down for a number 2…

  5. avatar BeomSik

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