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Only hours ago we announced that the mysterious SFIV New Warrior site had gone live, well… The mystery has already been ruined with screenshots of the new characters leaking to the internet.

Check ‘em out after the jump.





I’m slightly disappointed to see T.Hawk return as I was never much of a fan, here’s hoping more characters will appear in the coming months.

Source: French gaming site, JV247

  1. These images look awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new characters when they become available. :-)

  2. avatar wanker

    t hawk is the best wat u talkin about

  3. Yeah T.Hawk is a little tame.

    I’m with Colin, more Final Fight please!

  4. avatar Shin

    I’m glad they have added to Thawk, the game needs variation, it is boring to watch thousands of shotoclones and all play the same style.

  5. avatar C-Rock

    T-Hawk was terrible, he was no Dan!

  6. @C-Rock
    Haha, I can’t WAIT for the Final Fight character announcements. Prison Cody was oddly one of my favorite Street Fighter characters of all time. Guy and Sodom were amazing too.

  7. Ugh, T-Hawk is lame. And a little racist.

    I’m interested with how Juri will play though. May need to pick this up again now, especially since its so damn cheap.

  8. avatar J Garski (because i'm too lazy to log in)

    Seriously, T-Hawk? Someone out there actually liked T-Hawk? I’d rather have DEE JAY then T-Hawk. But, I know there’s an optional Zangief costume, the game NEEDS Haggar… Best. Mayor. Ever.

    How about a Street Fighter 4 patch that gives you a fair end boss battle at the end of the game?

  9. avatar Joe

    Fair end boss? Seth is Mr easy pattern, nothing compared to SNK bosses!! Im sure Dee Jay will be added too, all these characters are from SF2 and Alpha. Dee Jay and T- HAWK were Capcom USA creations, probably why they weren’t included but demand is high now. Just as long as there are no SF3 3rd suck characters, this should be excellent.

  10. @J Garski
    You can cheat Seth real easy. Just turtle a lot, and blast him with your specials when he’s wide open, as most of his attacks have a large recovery time.

    Alternatively, you can choose a rush-down character, and he won’t be able to move.

  11. avatar Tconn

    Itz Tru whut Shin said although i luv da shoto-clonez *ahum*GOUKI
    2 much of them gets borin really fast. But seriously T.hawk out of
    da whole SF-Saga yall gonn put T.hawk -_- …………. T.hawk
    good move capcom now yall get ya fans back fo sho dumbasses.
    but ill still be playin it tho hahahah Street fighter fo life
    SHINKUUUUU…………….you know whut happens then ;)

  12. avatar In2DeJaVu

    DID ANYONE NOTICE the picture with Juri Vs M Bison?…the “ULTRA COMBO” Meter has changed and it should be flashing RED where it is but is GREEN!

  13. avatar J Garski (because i'm too lazy to log in)

    I psh at SNK bosses.

    Yeah, but I like having -fun- in my games… sitting and being a turtle isn’t my idea of fun especially in a fighter. Plus that tactic doesn’t work too well since he can teleport+grab at will.

  14. @J
    By turtle, I meant jump around as well as block until he’s open. Since he’s an AI, he takes a lot of unnecessary risks.

  15. avatar John

    When will the Majesty 2 winners be revealed?

  16. @John
    Around the same time as our Dirt 2 giveaway: about 6:30 PM EST. Dirt 2′s winner may take until tomorrow morning for deliberation, but you still have three and a half hours to enter!

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  17. I’m glad T Hawk is coming…I always thought he was a really interesting character concept. Let’s see if he stays that way, though…

    • avatar Ida

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  18. avatar Dave Scan

    Would of preferred some of the ex characters to be involved

  19. @Dave Scan
    Skullomania? $120 purchase!

  20. avatar RetsaM

    They need to do like Tekken and put everybody in there (although Tekken 6 is still missing a few.. (Kunumitsu: prime example)

    Third Strike was a departure from so many “Shoto” characters, so I feel like all of them should be added just for the sake of fan service.

    You have a split crowd who thinks 3rd strike is better than SF4, so why not make Super Street Fighter 4 with 3rd strike vs the original cast. Capcom doesn’t have the right people giving them marketing advice, just like the fact that SF4′s lobby is worst than their downloadable content games lobby. (Marvel vs Capcom 2 has a 6 player lobby where you can watch matches while you wait your turn)

  21. avatar Kintaro the great

    Hokuto ,D. Dark, C. Jack, Skullomania,Garuda ,Nanase,Shadow Geist,rolento

    maybe some of them could even make cameos ?

    • avatar Oja

      Wow, what a beautiful hawk~We have many anorud our home and I love to see them soaring above us. I hope the agency can help him, good job calling :)

  22. avatar krux the mouse

    now that we have T.hawk,Dee Jay,Juri,Adon,Cody and guy
    I want

    1.Hakan (This new rumored character)
    2.Dudley (Dudley vs balrog would be cool)
    8.Dean from final fight 3
    9.Ingrid (She kills M.bison/dictator)
    10.D.D. (he can be C.vipers husband)
    11.Rook (the kid in Balrog/boxers ending)
    12.Oro (he fights gouken)

  23. avatar Aldy

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