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Tango & Cash

Yesterday Stardock announced that a new “Nvidia Edition” of their PC digital distribution service, Impulse, will arrive later this summer.

The new version will have all the same features as the current edition of Impulse, however it will also automatically detect and install driver updates for Nvidia graphics cards.

According to Stardock CEO Brad Wardell, “The single biggest issue preventing PC gamers today from having an optimal experience is a failure to update their video card drivers.” Wardell went on to say, “For many users, updating video drivers has been a complicated and sometimes confusing experience. As PC game developers ourselves, we recognized those concerns and, in partnership with Nvidia, have taken a step to make the process more accessible.”

As primarily a PC gamer, I cannot agree with Wardell more. Sure us hard core PC gamers know all about driver updates and tweaking our machines, but there is a large population of PC gamers who don’t know all the ins-and-outs of their machines. Hopefully this new “Nvidia Edition” of Impulse will make PC gaming a little more accessable for those who aren’t as nerdy.


  1. Seems like a decent enough move on their part. To me, it seems that updating my video drivers tend to cause more harm than good half the time, but I suppose that could just be something of a curse on my end.

  2. Haha, amazing header. Tango and Cash really is amazing fanservice. Too bad they never made that Ahnold + Stallone movie.

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