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Order of War

Publisher Square Enix, best known for their JRPG titles, has announced that its first western developed title, Order of War, will arrive September 22 in North America.

Developed by, Order of War is a PC RTS set during WWII. The title features two single-player campaigns, one where you play as the Americans fighting the Germans in France, and the other where you play as the German forces against the Soviets in Poland. There is also online multi-player featuring a whole slew of game modes including a Deathmatch and a skirmish mode.

If some of you are scratching your heads wondering what Square Enix is doing making a WWII RTS, you might have missed the publishers recent “commitment to offer a broader variety of games across different genres.” Hopefully Square’s long standing tradition of great JRPG titles will transfer over to the new genre.


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