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It’s no secret that rock n’ roll games are being produced like hotcakes.  Recently, the two franchises just surpassed the three billion dollar mark successfully revitalizing interest in the genre from classic rock to contemporary punk.  Sheet Music Plus, the nation’s leading online provider for sheet music, is urging consumers to rock the stage as well as the television.

“Today’s kids often get more exposure to music from video games and movies than from any other source, and it would be great if this gaming trend can be a gateway back to learning to play live music,” said Keith Cerny, CEO of Sheet Music Plus. “By offering up sheet music for the songs they are exposed to via these blockbuster gaming titles, there is an incentive for them to try their hand at actually performing these extremely popular tunes.”

Anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95 a book, the current list includes Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2 and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

That may seem a bit pricey, but isn’t it worth it when you can impress the emo hottie with your irl Guitar Hero skills?  In the lyrics of Something Corporate, “You can be my punk rock princess, and I’ll be your garage band king.”  Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

  1. avatar Yoshi

    Now all you need is a guitar for gaming and real music.

  2. There is no price on that guitar ANYWHERE. Seems sketchy…

    But I already have one of the Rock Band tablature books, and it works exactly as promised… wonder how much it costs to license the tabs for all these songs from all different companies/genres/bands?

  3. avatar Angele Martin

    Being able to play the guitar is a great skill you can learn and one of the most enjoyable to learn as well. If you love music, the guitar is one instrument that you can easily learn, not just for playing your favorite songs, but also a great way to compose music. However, if you want to learn and master the guitar, playing by ear is also one of the great skills you can learn.

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