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By: | September 9th, 2009
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Project Needlemouse

Sonic has received a lot of bad press since developers decided to change the incredibly popular games from side-scrolling platformers to glorified chase-fests. However, the long anticipated return of “old school” Sonic is not far away according to Sega associate brand manager Ken Balough.

Balough sat down with GameSpot and confirmed that the upcoming title – codenamed Project Needlemouse – is being made with the intention of appealing to fans who “have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay.”

Hit the jump to check out a teaser.

Project Needlemouse is expected to feature HD graphics, and will follow on from the most recent titles, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and Sonic Unleashed.

Fans can expect a release sometime next year.

Source: GameSpot

  1. Watch it be an Amy Rose game… HA!

  2. It looks like Speedy Gonzales with a broomstick.

  3. i definitely don’t think the main character will be sonic thats for sure. in the end of the clip whoever the main character is looks like its wearing a hat?

  4. it only took them like 10 years to figure out the only good sonic games are 2D, not bad.

  5. Not too excited yet, Sega have shown a poor release time and time again with Sonic of late, and until I see something more than a teaser this game isn’t really on my radar.

  6. And for a second there, I was certain that this was going to be a post about Ron Jeremy finally getting a video game :P

  7. @Paul

    I totally agree. I can’t believe how shocking Sonic and the Secret Rings was. I won’t even get started on The Black Knight.

    The only Sonic game that I adore and isn’t a platformer is Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. Christ I love that game.

  8. I just want them to remake Sonic Adventure! They get so much shit for bad Sonic games; imagine how much of a success that would be!

  9. avatar G


    Are you kidding me? That is so Sonic. Some guy has already photoshopped the tite screen of sonic 1 onto that image at the top of this page and it fits perfectly.

  10. It’s definitely Sonic, the little flick of the spike on his head is there.

    SEGA have fucked me before, the only decent Sonic games of late have surprisingly been on the Nintendo portables.

  11. I honestly can’t believe that any of you have any faith left in SEGA when it comes to the Sonic series. How many times do you have to be fooled before you realize it’s time to let go of the hope?

  12. I mean seriously, did anyone play Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood? Sonic games are bad, sure, but like…that is easily, EASILY one of the top 5 worst RPGs I have ever played in my life.

  13. Loving all the negativity in here, well actually I can see why.

    I’m still optimistic though, that little blue critter holds a special place in my heart titled “eternal hope”.

  14. At least they admit they’ve been making mistakes. Now if only Nintendo would get the hint with their Metroid series, and make a freaking sequel!

  15. Sonic Adventure was great, but its sequel was even better! And just because there have been a few (a lot!) of mediocre (terrible!) titles since, doesn’t mean that every game from hereon is going to suck! Man, I wish the old Sonic Team would get together on this one, they were incredible developers!

  16. avatar Tori

    i just went on a website and they found instead of Sonic on that logo it was actually…………Pickachu in a SOBRERO. I dont know if its true but it shocks me. T_T it looks like it actually is. i dont know but u have to look if its real.

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