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Game_Genie_Game_Boy[Every Thursday is Retro Day at Gamer Limit, so kick back and enjoy the classics!]

Another week, another piece of tasty nostalgic pie to stuff down your throat and satisfy those occasional cravings.

Why buy a SNES on eBay when you can just spend 30 seconds watching an Ad?

We reached into the depths for this one. The Game Genie was a 3-rd party Cartridge wrap that, along with a reasonably hefty code book, allowed you to cheat (or hax, in modern terminology) your way through almost every game available. It was so much fun, you’d almost gut your uncle’s cat to get one.

Well, maybe not that much fun. Enjoy.

Trivia: While Nintendo hated the GG with all its might, Sega embraced its version and officially supported its sale. That said, the NES version ultimately sold the most units.

  1. Yay for the game genie, haven’t seen one for years.
    Kinda sad they vanished

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