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1Last week at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced its plans to release an alternative edition to the recent Resident Evil 5.  After the announcement, Famitsu magazine sat down with Jun Takeuchi to get the low down on the showdown.

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After the initial release of RE5, many critics and fans alike found the desire to know more about the details behind the events surrounding Jill and Chris’ events within the Spencer mansion.

“The features we’ve newly added were planned out at the start of RE5 development. We looked at the game flow and volume of the package and figured it’d be a smoother experience if they were taken out. Once RE5 came out, though, we got a lot of people saying they wanted to play as Jill; you could really feel the love for her.”

In the upcoming addition, titled “Jill’s Episode,” players will infiltrate the Spencer mansion.  According to Takeuchi, the gameplay will take roughly two hours for players to complete.

Added content aside, Sony and Capcom are going to great lengths to incorporate PS3′s soon to be released motion control.  “The RE game system is all about aiming and firing directly at your enemies, so it works out pretty well,” Takeuchi told Famitsu. “You can also perform other instinctive actions, like brandishing a knife.”

In the meantime, not much else is known, so keep an eye out as more details are released in the coming months.

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  1. I think I was the only person who enjoyed this game in copious amounts.

    I’ll buy two.

  2. I still need to purchase and play RE5. It took me 2+ years before I finally played RE4, and I don’t plan on waiting that long to play RE5. It just somehow has gotten lost in my huge backlog of games.

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    RE 5 was an embarrassment compared to it’s prequel.

  4. I thought Dead Space was the superior survival horror game. In fact it was the better game in general.

  5. avatar Kat

    I cant wait to play as Jill again.

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