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By: | September 24th, 2009
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EB Games Australia has joined a growing list of retailers refusing to carry the PSP GO, in a move most will recall as having its roots with Dutch retailer, Nedgame.

Both retailers have cited the higher price, lack of trade-in on games, and lack of games on the shelf amongst a number of reasons for their decision.

Whilst a few independent retailers across Europe may not register too highly on Sonys radar, the loss of such a big name in brick ‘n mortal game retail can’t be filling them withmuch encouragement regarding uptake and future sales of their latest release. With a backlash that has been steadily growing since its initial unveiling at E3, it would seem that whilst Sony ‘Only Does Everything’, the rest of us only want a second nub.

Source: Play.TM

  1. Oh wow, this is starting to get quite big. Will we possibly see this hit more of Europe and the UK? Maybe even stateside?

  2. If Sony would provide these vendors with a kiosk so customers could buy their digital games in the store and have them loaded onto the PSP, this would solve all of the retailers problems. Think of it as Geek Squad for the PSPGo, since many parents would pay for such a service to avoid having to do it themselves.

  3. Then they’d have to find a way to share the sales cost of the games…. or eb wouldn’t do it.

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