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Sony announced yesterday that it’s bringing a smaller version of PlayStation Network’s Home to the PSP… sometime.

Hit the jump to see the scant details!

First off, it’s called Room.  Get it?  HomeRoom?  Haha… ha.

It’ll include avatars, photo albums, chat, games, and other pointles – errr… fun stuff!  Great for gamers that don’t think Home is full-featured enough.

Beta testing has already started (in Japan only) and is running through October 5th.  Get a Japanese PSN account and you can jump on, too!  You brought your Japanese phrase book, right?

No word on a U.S. release yet.  Will keep you posted if anything comes up on a website that’s in a language I understand.  Until then, you can find news here.  The Room screenshots are about two-thirds of the way down the page.

Source: Sixth Axis

  1. The only thing you need to know in Japanese is, “Anata no den wa bango nan desu ka?” Shuttle that phrase around on the “PSN Home” room place.

    Being American and knowing that phrase will go a long ways in Japan. BTW hilarious caption.

  2. What does that phrase mean, Curtis?

  3. Lol Curtis… “What is your telephone number?” :D

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