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PS3 Slim

Following the release of the PS3 Slim, it looks as if the console is starting to get the kickstart it so desperately needed. According to VGChartz, preliminary worldwide sales figures have accumilated to over 500,000 over the last week, which is certainly a promising feat for the once struggling console. Consumers had been practically begging for a price cut in order to sway them, and that is exactly what they got.

Around 200,000 units have been sold in other territories (i.e. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia) and over 150,000 in Japan. At the time of reporting, America has sold over 125,000.

Things get even more uplifting for the software side of things, as multiplatform PS3 titles have shown to be outselling its Xbox 360 rivals. The PS3 Slim also successfully outsold the DS, Wii and Xbox 360 by approximately 3:1 last week, which marks the first time Sony has ever lead the battle of the console war this year.

All of this has lead to an impressive 1000% leap in sales – whether or not Sony can maintain this glory over the coming weeks remains to be seen however, but it will be interesting to watch what happens towards the end of the year.

Source: VGChartz

  1. Congratulations to Sony, I know a few people who bought the Slim last week. Good times.

    • avatar David

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  2. Well, people are buying the system, but what about software sales?

  3. @Chase

    Software sales have also spiked.

  4. What exclusives there are have been, have been quality. Now that Sony has the hardware moving, I hope to see their exclusive software become more prevalent as well.

  5. I’m also happy for Sony. Now let’s get that cross-game voice chat up and running please.

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